Career Choice

Choosing the right career path is critical in search for both your immediate job needs and your long term work satisfaction. There are thousands of different job types one could choose, many requiring their own specific education and training. When it is time to plan out a future or look at changing careers, it is wise to do some research to be certain a particular field fits personal interests and will pay off with open positions down the road. Taking a self-assessment is an excellent way to locate career choice options that might appeal. Watching career trends can also prove important for finding fields that are likely to offer opportunity. Career choice is one of the most important decisions an individual will make. Going into the prospect armed with knowledge can help greatly.

Career Trends ( 204 )

What is the average veterinarian salary range?

An average veterinarian salary depends largely on whether the veterinarian is working on commission or a flat-rate. It also depends on where the veterinarian is located across the country. ... view more


Changing Careers ( 48 )

Toxic Work Environment? Make a Job Transfer

Getting a transfer out of a toxic work environment may be one of the best career moves you ever make. Toxic work environments come in many different forms, and ... view more


Education & Training ( 382 )

What is a typical workday like in a flight nurse job?

When working in a flight nurse job, you will spend a good portion of your time up in the air. Some flight nurses work in a helicopter, airlifting patients ... view more


Job Types ( 1215 )

What are the requirements for a dentist license?

As of 2010, the general requirements for a dentist license include the completion of two to four years of a formal dentist college program, in addition to performing a set amount of supervised post-graduate ... view more


Self-assessment ( 32 )

Are job skills the most important factor in choosing a career?

While job skills are important, they are actually not the most important factor in choosing a career. Other factors can have an affect on the choices that candidates make, ... view more