10 Work-at-Home Ideas to Consider

Work-at-home ideas are the starting point for home businesses. Work-at-home jobs offer major advantages over the old-style office jobs, but you'll find that you have all the issues of a business on your hands.

Work-at-home ideas have some basic requirements to operate effectively:

  • Viability: Will your work-at-home ideas pay for themselves?
  • Investment: Will you need to spend money to set up your new job?
  • Overheads: Can you cover your costs?
  • Career and job development: How can you build your career with the job?
  • Financial commitments: Does the job require you to make any form of financial commitment?
  • Marketing: Can you market your services effectively? Working at home requires you to have access to ongoing sources of income.

Work-at-Home Job Options

The best work-at-home ideas are based on your skills, talents and ability to provide marketable services or goods. These are 10 common work-at-home ideas which are highly successful.

1: Professional Services

Accountants, lawyers, architects and other professionals can provide a very good range of services from home. Many professionals find that they can work much more cost effectively, with far lower overheads.

2: Trades

Tradespeople have the most portable skills and best job mobility of the employment market. These skills translate very well into work-at-home jobs, particularly if you provide local services.

3: Administration, Customer Service and Call Center Jobs

Many of these jobs have been successfully outsourced through contractors. They provide good streams of income, and you can often tailor them to your personal situation.

4: Sales

An experienced salesperson can act across multiple lines of sales in a work-at-home job. It's a particularly efficient form of time and space management in the hectic environment of sales.

5: Creative Services

Writers, musicians, graphic artists, web designers and media production artists can work easily from home as freelancers or within an organizational context. Most of these people benefit from the extra time created by working from home, which increases their productivity.

6: Finance Sector Jobs

Many finance sector jobs can be carried out remotely from home. These jobs require software and communications services more than they require an office. Working at home also permits much more flexibility in the work schedule.

7: Marketing and Advertising

These are essentially creative jobs with a strong sales element. If you can increase your client base while eliminating the "office job" costs, you may be able to turn this and similar work-at-home ideas into a profitable small business.

8: Consultancies

Most consultancies can be operated from home more easily than from any other place of work. These jobs can operate at high professional levels and earn full professional fees.

9: Tutoring

Tutors are always in demand, and home is a good place to base your services. It creates a central contact point between jobs as well as a good environment for your work.  

10: Gardening Services

A common but much underrated type of local business, gardening can generate regular income and an expanding client base. You can also tailor your services to meet your cost requirements. While you may spend part of your time away from home, you can complete paperwork and other office tasks at your home.