15 Writing Career Options

If you like write and are wondering how to take your passion and turn it into a job you will enjoy, consider the following 15 writing career options. Some creative choices you might want to consider are writing (1) poetry, (2) fiction, (3) plays, (4) screenplays, (5) TV. scripts, (6) comedy material, and (7) trivia. Although the odds of succeeding in any of these endeavors are not great, there are still many people who are successful writing in these various genres. Both poets and short writers can market their work to magazines and online publications. There are also numerous contests available that both poets and short story writers can enter. Novelists will need a publisher for their work. One great place to start looking is The Writer’s Market. Playwrights can also enter contests but they can also approach theaters directly that might be interested in staging and performing their work. For screenplay and TV writers, they need to write a spec script and send it to an agent who can market it for them. In the case of the t.v. writer, the script is not often purchased; instead, it serves as an example of the kind of work you can do and often opens doors for you to pitch story ideas to various shows. If you have a good sense of humor and enjoy making up jokes, consider writing comedy material. Comedians are always looking for new jokes and monologues. You can contact comedians directly, offering to write some material for them on speculation. If they like your stuff, they just might hire you. Another fun thing to write is trivia questions. You can create crosswords, word searches, puzzles, etc. Many magazines and newspapers buy this sort of material, and if you write enough of it, you can actually create a book that you can publish.

Business Writing

While the creative writing options are often the most fun to pursue, you have a much better chance earning a living as a business writer. Numerous career opportunities abound in this sector, including: (8) Journalist, (8) Advertising and Promotions Copy Writer, (10) Technical Writer, (11) Video Script Writer, (12) Educational Materials/Textbook Writer, and (13) Speech Writer. Of course journalists are most often hired to write newspaper articles, but they can also write copy for TV. news shows and radio broadcasts. People who can write effective advertising and promotional copy are often in demand since they can write a wide variety of types of materials like flyers, brochures, mailers, newsletters, and press releases as well as print, radio and TV. ads. Technical writers are also very valuable to businesses and are paid well. These individuals write manuals and other technical documentation explaining how to use products the company produces. They can also be hired to explain processes and write documents to help train employees about how various company systems and operations work. Video script writers are called on to write corporate training and promotional videos. Also many video script writers compose the text for educational videos shown in schools. In addition, many businessmen as well as politicians need people to help them write effective speeches.

Online Options

Besides creative and business writing, more and more opportunities are available for writers who can compose (14) web site content and (15) email advertising campaigns. Think about how many web sites are out there and how many of them are constantly in need of new content in order to improve or maintain their search engine ranking. As a result, writers who can produce good content are always needed. Similarly, many businesses now advertise via email, so they are in need of writers who can write copy to entice people to either buy their products and services or visit their web sites.

In order to pursue a career in writing, you don’t have to have any special education, although you have to know something about how to write well. Each writing job requires you to produce original material that is easy to read and understand and hopefully engaging enough so that other people will be inspired.