3 Reasons Teens Should Job Shadow

It can be a good idea for you, as a teenager, to job shadow someone in a career that you are interested in. This practice can provide you with a number of benefits for your future. Here are a few reasons that teens should job shadow at some point.

1. Learn about Jobs

When you are a teenager, you have a very limited view of what the world has to offer. Although you may know the basic responsibilities involved with some jobs, many jobs you will know little about. Therefore, if you have always wondered what a person in a particular profession does, job shadowing can be a fantastic opportunity. You will get to visit with a professional while she is on the job. This can allow you to watch her complete her responsibilities and see what is involved with each particular job. There is no reason that you should only job shadow on one occasion. Check out several different jobs so you can get a feel for some careers that you might be interested in.

2. Save Resources

By completing a job shadowing program, you might be able to save significant resources in the future. Many people think that they will enjoy a particular profession even though they have never been around it. They will then devote years of their life to studying this profession in college and possibly even in graduate school. They will spend thousands of dollars on tuition to good schools in order to get involved with this profession. Once they get into the profession, it is nothing like what they thought it would be. At that point, they have wasted years of their lives and many thousands of dollars. There are countless individuals that have decided to go back to school because they chose the wrong career path initially. By job shadowing, you can avoid wasting a good percentage of your time and money. If you job shadow a few times, you may be able to determine that you do not like a particular job before you invest time and money into it.

3. Build Your Resume

Another reason that you should consider job shadowing is that it can help you build your resume. Some job shadowing programs involve an internship as well. This will allow you to work in a particular field for a given period of time. This can help you gain valuable experience in your chosen field. When it comes time to apply for jobs in the future in this career, you will have some relevant work experience to put on your resume. This might be enough to separate you from the masses of other job applicants who are applying for the same job. This program could be the difference in your getting a job in the future.

More Information

If you want to look at some more good information about job shadowing as a teenager, be sure to check out www.groovejob.com/resources/job-shadowing.