4 Airport Customer Service Jobs

Airport customer service jobs aim at enhancing the customer experience and creating a positive impression of the airlines. These jobs include categories ranging from ticket sellers to handlers of the passenger’s belongings. Demonstrating good communication skills and adequate knowledge of the industry is a key component. In these types of jobs, you have to interact directly with the passengers. Enhancing the entire flight experience of the passengers is your responsibility.

1: Transport Ticket Agent

As an airline transport ticket agent, you would be responsible for many activities such as:

  • Assisting passengers with directions and resolving their queries.
  • Confirming and managing their reservations.
  • Selling tickets and assigning seats.
  • Verifying the identification of the passengers and checking the passenger’s luggage.
  • Providing the best possible service to customers and adhering to security procedures at the airport.
  • Understanding the company policies and travel codes thoroughly.

In order to get hired as a transport ticket agent, you need to possess a high school diploma. The airline company requires a completion of their customized training program. This helps you in learning the ticketing schedules and procedures on their computer system. As of May 2008, the average annual salary of a ticket agent is $31,070, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2: Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant, you would be responsible for the safety and comfort of the travelers. Responsibilities of a flight attendant include:

  • Providing care and ensuring safety of the passengers on board.
  • Preparing, serving or selling food and beverages on board.
  • Offering comfort to passengers by providing items such as pillows, headsets, towels, magazines and many more.
  • Distributing and assisting the passengers in completion of customs form.

For getting selected as a flight attendant, you should have a college degree. You also need to clear a certificate course provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The average annual salary of a flight attendant was $35,930, as of May 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3: Airport Customs Worker

As a customs worker at the airport, you would be responsible for the enforcement of the import and export laws. You would carry out tasks such as:

  • Ensuring the passengers is not carrying any illegal or smuggled goods.
  • Searching the baggage and the interior pockets of the passengers.
  • Taking decisions on boycotting certain goods and products that are considered illegal.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2008, customs worker have a median annual salary of $51,410.

4: Security Guard

As an airport security guard, you have to ensure the security of the runway and the airfields’ entrance points. The basic tasks undertaken by you would be:

  • Physically checking vehicles and verifying the identification.
  • Limiting access to restricted areas.
  • Maintaining a written log of the actions that take place during the day.
  • Providing updates and reports to your supervisors

The minimum educational requirement for an airport security guard is a high school diploma. The aircraft company would render any additional training depending on their needs. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, the mean salary of an airport security guard is $27,310, as of May 2008.