4 Careers in Customer Service

There are many potential careers in customer service that you might want to consider. Customer service employees will always be in high demand because companies will always need to help customers. Here are a few descriptions of careers in customer service.

1: Inbound Call Center Employee

Working at an inbound call center is a popular job in the customer service industry. A number of different industries utilize this type of customer service. You might work for a travel company, a credit card company or a bank. In fact any large company that deals directly with the public will most likely use an inbound call center of some sort.

If you work in this type of job, you will need good customer service skills and the ability to conduct business over the phone. Depending on the nature of the call center, you might have to help solve customer problems or you might even have to take orders. This type of job will usually not require any specialized training. Many of these centers will hire people straight out of high school.

2: Outbound Call Center Employee

There are also ample opportunities in outbound call centers. This type of customer service position will require you to call customers about business matters. This might be in the form of cold calling, or you might be calling the customers of a large business to provide them with certain information. This is also an entry-level job that does not require any outside trading.

3: Customer Service Manager

The customer service manager is an important position that many different businesses will have. In this position, you will be in charge of all things related to customer service. You will need to be able to work with people and solve problems. This job will often require you to deal with unhappy customers and try to solve their problems. You might supervise several customer service employees that have some power to resolve disputes. However, the final say in these matters will typically come to you.

In order to acquire a position in this field, you will either have to work your way up from an entry-level position or obtain a degree in a relevant field. Having a degree in management, business or communications will help your cause.

4: Professional Assistant

Another popular job in the customer service industry is as a professional assistant. This job will require you to perform a variety of tasks in the customer service field. You will also be required to perform clerical tasks, in most cases. You will assist the employees of your company as well as provide excellent service to outside customers. You may have to deal with customers face to face as well as over the phone. This is typically an entry-level job, but if you have a degree, you will probably increase your chances for gaining a position.