4 Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Options

There are so many freelance graphic design jobs advertised online, literally thousands of them. It’s hard to know where to look with so many choices. There are, however, a few ways of simplifying your job options and getting a good professional perspective on both what you want and what you need.

Freelance Graphic Design Job Issues

Your job options have several natural considerations:

  • Which jobs lead to your career goals?
  • Which jobs are the best income generators?
  • Which jobs have the best opportunities for development?
  • Which jobs apply to your strongest skills?

1. Career goals: It’s not advisable to “randomize” your work history with odd jobs across a miscellany of different types of freelance graphic design jobs. You can end up doing a lot of minor basic jobs. This equates to not developing in your preferred areas, with a steadily aging portfolio and no current experience in those fields. Stick to a game plan that makes sense in career terms.

2. Income: Freelance work can be tough and erratic as an income earner. To build your career, as well as to pay bills, you must watch the bottom line. The best job options are those that meet the income requirements, as well as give you space and resources to develop.

3. Opportunities for development: There are plenty of jobs in all fundamental areas of professional graphic design that can help you develop skills and get experience. These jobs are priceless in terms of career development. They can also give you a brilliant portfolio of good, commercially viable materials that will get you your dream job.

4. Your strongest skills: These are your best assets, particularly in the early stages of your career. They’re the bread and butter skills that will pay for your development, training and resources. They’re also the skills that can give you a very good, extensive range of commercial jobs in a hurry. These jobs allow you to develop your career without the notorious stop/start of freelance work, which can feel like an obstacle course.

Selecting Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

These are the real options for freelance graphic design jobs:

  • jobs that provide a good income,
  • jobs that promote your skills and create a strong portfolio,
  • jobs that allow you to use your strongest skills, and
  • jobs that enhance your ability to express your creative skills effectively.

A job that meets all of these criteria is the one you really need. The job that meets as many as possible is the next choice. Getting these jobs may seem a bit difficult, particularly when starting out. Don’t get discouraged by appearances. There’s a way to get these jobs:

  • Apply for the jobs for which your strongest skills are the essential requirements. Your portfolio will do most of the work getting you the jobs.
  • Apply for the jobs about which you’re very highly motivated. These are the types of job in which your creativity will be a great asset.
  • Apply for jobs for which you are absolutely certain you can produce top quality work. The added confidence is a good thing, and you know you can perform well.
  • Apply for jobs whose income can obviously provide a lot of the resources you need. These jobs are often basic commercial work, and your portfolio will benefit from this type of content.

A Helpful Resource

To find out about freelance graphic design jobs, be sure to check out www.ifreelance.com.