4 Hospital Jobs to Consider

There are a number of different hospital jobs that can provide very rewarding careers. If you have been considering working in a hospital, here are a few potential jobs that you might want to think about.

1. Registered Nurse

One very important job in every hospital is that of a registered nurse. Registered nurses are a crucial part of every department within the hospital. In order to become a registered nurse, you will have to complete a certified nursing program at a technical school or a full-time college. You can obtain an associates degree or bachelors degree in this field to get a job. Registered nurses will provide a variety of services to hospital patients. They can also supervise other nurses in the hospital and oversee basic operations. They will work hand-in-hand with the doctors of each hospital department and complete assigned tasks. The median salary for a registered nurse is approximately $62,000 per year, with much of your salary depending on experience.

2. Radiologist

A radiologist is another integral part of any hospital operation. A radiologist is in charge of the imaging process that allows doctors to see what is wrong with a patient. A radiologist will use x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other types of medical imaging equipment to assist patients. They will also utilize nuclear medicine to treat certain patients. There is always a demand for radiologists in every part of the country. In order to become a radiologist, you will have to attend medical school as well as be a certified surgeon. The average salary of a radiologist is above $350,000 per year.

3. Administrator

A hospital administrator is another job that you should consider if you want to work in a hospital. A hospital administrator will oversee the day-to-day operations of the hospital. They are in charge of many different functions that have to do with the business operations of the hospital. They will often institute policies for the hospital as well as make sure that the policies are being adhered to. Administrators will work hand-in-hand with doctors and other hospital employees to make sure that the hospital is running smoothly. In order to obtain an administrator's job, you should get at least a bachelors degree. However, a masters or doctorate would be even better for your chances. The median salary for a hospital administrator is approximately $85,000.

4. Physical Therapist

Another job that you might want to consider is a physical therapist. A physical therapist works with patients on a day-to-day basis. They will create and implement an exercise program that is designed to help patients rehab after surgery or injury. They will work closely with doctors and their patients to help them achieve certain goals. In order to become a physical therapist, you will have to obtain a degree as well as past a licensing exam. The average physical therapist will make approximately $90,000 per year.

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