4 International Business Degree Jobs

An international business degree will open many doors. The greatest jobs are available to people who are are dedicated to the mission of the organization and willing to work long hours. International business majors are very important for the progression of international trade. Although many jobs for international business majors favor people with advanced degrees, others are welcoming to recent graduates. The U.S. government, as well as many private companies and organizations, will provide job opportunities to graduates with an international business degree.

Government Positions

The business knowledge you gain during an undergraduate education is what shines through and sets you apart from people with degrees in international relations or political science. Learning about economics and marketing strategies will make you stand out to governmental departments like the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). This department is responsible for creating business relationships between the United States and other countries, while also promoting U.S. products and services. Job opportunities in the USTDA range from assisting country managers to becoming an administrative assistant for one of many administrative officers. Other departments worth looking into are the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. State Department.

Jobs in the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a global market, and it takes people with strong international business backgrounds to understand the ins and outs of the industry. A knowledge of other languages and a willingness to travel often are necessities in this industry. Recent graduates with an international business degree may be hired to help learn about other markets, join superiors on trips to factories abroad, and even take part in marketing strategies. The fashion industry need educated people to handle accounting, marketing, sales and administrative tasks. An international business degree and a passion for fashion are a killer combination when you're looking for a job in the fashion industry.

International Nonprofit Management

Many international nonprofits seek recent international business graduates because they can help market the organization and work closely with nonprofit and for-profit businesses abroad in an effort to create partnerships. The knowledge and coursework behind an international business degree is exceptionally valuable to international nonprofits which deal with trade agreements, international entrepreneurship in Third-World countries, and other economically related areas.

American Businesses with Overseas Ties

Hundreds of American businesses conduct business abroad. Because of this reality, many of them prefer recent graduates with a degree in international business. American businesses may send their employees overseas to operate branch offices, work with potential clients and research potential markets. Being able to speak several languages is helpful and will look great when you apply for open positions. Other companies need recent graduates to remain in their U.S.-based offices in order to communicate with employees and clients who are based overseas. Regardless of where you are stationed, you will be sure to put your international business degree to good use.