5 Airport Jobs to Consider

Airport jobs are not limited to ticket takers or baggage handlers. If you are looking for a job, and are interested in working at the airport, there are other positions to be considered as well. These include airport management jobs, airport customer service jobs, airport security jobs and other airport part time positions.

Airport Manager

An airport manager is responsible for overseeing the safety, security, maintenance and operations of the airport. They are also responsible for staffing and managing airport equipment. If you have extensive experience as a top manager with a security company, or logistics company, this may be a good career change option for you.

You must have strong leadership and organizational skills, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This is not a position for the light-hearted, and is stressful with long hours.

Assistant Airport Manager

This position assists the Airport Manager with all responsibilities and is accountable for managing the operations of the airport as well. This is also a very stressful position that requires excellent follow-through, organizational, interpersonal and planning skills.

The assistant manager typically reports to the manager and is required to have a hands-on approach to managing the operations. Also, the assistant will prepare all reports and schedules and provide to the manager for review.

Airport Food Service

Food service positions are usually part time and do not require a college education. Food service personnel are responsible for the operations of airport coffee shops and restaurants. Food service employees must have good customer service skills.

Individual restaurants may have restaurant managers. A restaurant manager is a full time position, and usually requires extensive food service experience and a college education. Restaurant managers must be able to coordinate restaurant supplies, and schedules to ensure proper functioning.

Sky Cap

A sky cap is another position that is generally part time, and does not require a college education. Sky caps are the employees that meet travelers at the curb to assist them with baggage, or to direct them to the proper location in the airport. A sky cap must have good customer service skills and should be very familiar with the airport layout, including terminal locations, car rental locations, elevator locations and restrooms.

Airport Security

Airport security jobs are TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, a government agency. Security positions such as a baggage screener can be full time or part time, and do not require a college education, but do require training and classes.

Additional positions include Dangerous Goods and Cargo Inspector and Transportation Security Manager. These positions require additional experience and training, but are a possible next step for a baggage screener. There are also management positions within airport security such as Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening, and Assistant Federal Security Director for Regulatory Inspection. The Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening is responsible for managing lower security personnel, including baggage checkers. Someone applying for such a position must have law enforcement experience, and must be prepared for 24 hour on call responsibilities. The Assistant Federal Security Director for Regulatory Inspection is responsible for putting together and managing an inspection plan for airports. A person in this position must make sure that the airport is in compliance with each inspection requirement.