5 Animal Care Careers to Consider

There are many great animal care careers to consider when you enjoy working with animals. While there are many people who enjoy spending time with animals, actually working in a career that involves the care and handling of animals is hard work. It takes a very special person to handle the daily demands of a career in animal care. If you are this type of person, here are five animal care careers to consider. 

Animal Daycare, Shelter and Kennel Attendants

With so many individuals and families owning pets but having to work during the day, the need for caring animal daycare and kennel attendants is growing. Many people travel or have to go out of town for brief periods of time, leaving their pets in the care of kennels. Sometimes pets get lost and end up in animal shelters until they are claimed or placed in new homes. Animal daycare providers and kennel attendants care for the daily needs of animals, including bathing, nutrition, socialization and exercise for our furry friends.

Groomers and Animal Handlers

Many animals are bred for special purposes, such as shows, entertainment and contests. There are breeds of animals that require special care and grooming in order to look their best and lead happy and healthy lives. That opens up jobs for professional animal groomers and handlers to provide this care. Groomers bathe, clip and style the fur of specially bred animals to prepare them for professional breed shows, photo-shoots, entertainment activities and competitions. If needed, they also can provide handling services to keep the pets looking and behaving well during these events.

Zookeepers and Caretakers

For animal professionals that want to work with exotic and protected animals, a career as a zookeeper and caretaker may be the perfect role. In many states and countries, there are public and private animal habitats and zoos where the public may come to view their favorite animals. Zookeepers provide the general care, feeding and wellness services to these beautiful animals from the smallest rodents to the largest elephants. Zookeepers also make sure that all animals are getting the right nutritional based food, live in clean and safe enclosures and observe any changes in the animal's behavior due to physical or mental stress.

Animal Trainers

Anyone who enjoys working with animals teaching them to perform new tricks or just learn some new manners will probably end up as an animal trainer. Animal trainers often work independently for the benefit of private clients or they may work for companies that specialize in animal care and training products and services. Becoming an animal trainer is an excellent entry level career in animal care, with opportunities to advance into other areas of animal behavior care and training.

Veterinary Professionals

If you would like to work in a role that provides care for the health and well-being of animals, then a career as a veterinarian professional may be the perfect role for you. Veterinary professionals are the physicians of the animal world, performing all types of animal care from routine health care to medication management and surgical procedures. There are also entry level careers available in veterinary care, such as veterinary technicians and assistants who work alongside veterinarians to care for animals of all types.