5 Biology Degree Jobs for Biology Majors

Biology degree jobs are not hard to come by, if you know where to look. Because of the diversity of the curriculum, biology majors have the ability to work with animals, people and even plants. Although many people move on to graduate school or medical school after receiving a biology degree, a great portion of recent graduates move straight into the workforce. To learn about five great biology degree jobs, keep reading.

Forest Ranger

Becoming a forest ranger is a possibility for all biology degree recipients, but especially recommended for people who love the outdoors. Forest rangers are essentially the overseers of parks and wildlife conservancies. Forest rangers are responsible for managing plants, ensuring animal safety and preventing forest fires. Another responsibility for forest rangers is to enforce national and local laws and regulations. People who prefer warm temperatures may enjoy working as a forest ranger in a desert environment, while those who are more comfortable in a cold climate might enjoy working in the mountains. 

Science Teacher

Becoming a science teacher is a great option for biology majors who are passionate about the subject and enjoy teaching other people in a fun and creative way. Most school districts require a teaching degree or certificate in conjunction with a biology degree in order to teach science. If you do not meet these requirements you are not out of luck. There are many programs which combine people who are passionate about teaching with schools who need better teachers but have difficulties finding high quality teachers.

Outdoor Camp Leader

Outdoor camp leaders are responsible for teaching children and teenagers about wildlife in a fun and active manner. A position as a camp leader is ideal for anyone who enjoys teaching others, but also has a passion for the outdoors. Most outdoor camp leaders are not required to gain a teaching certificate, but may be required to undergo some type of training by the camp administration. Outdoor camp leaders may be responsible for taking children on nature walks and fishing excursions.


As a biologist you will be putting all of the information you learned as an undergraduate to good use. Biologists often gain a masters degree, but for people who wish to jump right into the field, there are jobs available. Biologists conduct experiments with animals and plants in order to gather data that might be used to enhance the lives of humans, plants and animals.

Scientist for Nonprofit Organization

Biology degree holders who want to make a difference in the world can take a job as a scientist for a nonprofit organization. There are many nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting our planet and every type of life on it. Another option is to join a think-tank in order to give insight into various topics relating to biology. Nonprofit organizations often have an impact on policy, so joining an organization of this type will allow scientists to play a major role in advancing science related policy.