5 Computer Science Degree Jobs to Consider

Computer science degree jobs include some of the fastest growing jobs in the world. As a career option, the computer science field covers the entire sector and its specialist needs. This field is evolving into a major global arena and allowing a lot of job and career mobility. You may be surprised at some of these jobs, because they don't match the public image of the degree.


Animation is a major commercial art form. It's also an area in which computer science is constantly developing. A lot of research and high value intellectual property is created in this multi-billion dollar industry. This is computer "science" in one of its most literal senses, the development of new science including:

  • 3D graphics software
  • Applications
  • Streaming
  • System design
  • Pure research


Media computer systems are evolving as fast as the internet. There are strong overlaps in this field which allow for significant career mobility. The computer science in this very broad field includes phones, computers, broadcasting, TV, radio and movies. 

Important computer science fields like system design are re-evolving media into a totally new dynamic. Software in this field is critically important, and it's driving major platforms. Media should be considered a primary career option if you intend to develop your career in these areas.

Software Development

Software development is a very high demand area in the employment market and the basis of technological innovation. It is a  multi-faceted career option which allows both flexibility and personal development in your chosen areas of computer science. 


This is an emerging boom area in computer science. Educators train the rising generations of students with new models of mainstream education, fueled by ever increasing demand from the broad consumer market. Education and training is one of the fastest growing areas of employment globally. This field includes:

  • Software
  • Media
  • Presentations
  • Training modules
  • Internet and remote training materials
  • Databases
  • System design (sometimes very large systems)
  • Web design

Computer Aided Design

CAD has been developing to cover the demands of these many different forms of design. Computer science has reinvented CAD from its original green screen form into a much more advanced and flexible. New technology and new science is requiring CAD to represent structures and materials that didn't previously exist, in some cases in whole new fields of study, dealing with the ongoing event horizon of demand. This area includes major job and career possibilities:

  • Software
  • Graphics
  • User interfaces
  • Formulas
  • Schematics
  • Technical specification requirements

This is difficult, advanced, computer science on all levels. The basic requirements of CAD require professional level performance and very high standards of production. It's extremely challenging work, and the commercial demands and rewards are high. CAD is a good career option for the computer science purists, people who prefer the highly advanced fields of the profession.