5 Jobs in Cosmetology

There are many different types of jobs in cosmetology for you to consider. If you are looking for a career change, or are just getting started, and realized that a desk job is just not in your future, consider becoming a career in cosmetology.

1. Become a Make-Up Artist

The role of a makeup artist can vary from working in a salon, and applying make-up to clients for special events, such as weddings or proms, to working with actors and actresses, and applying make-up to not just make them look good, but also fit whatever role they are playing. A make-up artist is trained to match colors to skin tones, bring out facial features, and hide blemishes. Make-up artists that work with actors and actresses also must learn about make-up styles for different time periods. For example, a film set in the 1700's would not show women with bronzer, but instead their skin would be whitened. For a make-up artist, the face is his or her palette.

2. Become a Hair Stylist

Hair stylists cut, color, and style hair for clients. To become a hair stylist, you must attend cosmetology school, and become licensed. In school you will practice different techniques, cuts and colors, including practicing on real people. As a hair stylist, it is important to give the client exactly what they are looking for because even though hair grows back, a bad haircut will ruin your client's day. At the same time, as a hair stylist it is important to be able to discern cuts and colors that would look good on your clients, and suggest them.

3. Become a Nail Technician

Nail technicians don't just polish nails anymore. Many women like to have acrylic nails with fancy detailing done, usually with an air brush and a nail stencil. It is through learning these extra embellishments that you can make this career a success. Many nail technicians are also trained in hand treatments, such as paraffin treatments to soften the hands.

4. Become a Massage Therapist

In some states, you are required to have extra training, and licensing to become a massage therapist. Massage therapists work in spas, salons, physical therapy centers, gyms, or on their own for private clients. Massage therapy can be a lucrative career if you are able to build up a client base and go out on your own.  To be successful, you will need to master the different types of massage, such as Swedish Massage and Reflexology.

5. Become an Electrologist

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of hair. This is a very hot profession because it alleviates the task of shaving and waxing from women's lives. Electrolysis removes the hair through the use of a metal probe inserted into the hair follicles, which is then electrified, causing the hair follicles to essentially die off, and not grow back. Additional certification and training is required to become an electrologist.

Jobs in cosmetology can be lucrative and rewarding, but it is important to remember that cosmetology is not just about your professional skills. Your success is heavily reliant upon your interaction with your customers. You must be skilled, but you also must be personable, friendly and consistent.