5 Jobs with International Travel

Though there are many positions tied to international travel, these five careers offer a wide variety of international careers. Both entrepreneurial and salaried workers can earn a steady salary. If you long for a job that includes international travel, here is a list of the top five positions:

  • Travel writers have only two requirements: the ability to write well and a willingness to travel. You can become a travel writer with only a high school education. They are some travel writers who write about their home towns, if they live in a popular tourist destination like San Francisco or New York. Travel writers usually work freelance, reporting on their travels, the places that they stayed and the restaurants they ate in. Travel writers usually are freelancers writing for magazine, blogs or their own books.
  • English teachers have varying levels of experience: you can teach abroad as a native English speaker with only a high school education, but you will be competing with college graduates, certified teachers and even graduate students who specialize in linguistics and English. English teachers often work long hours and can work for more than one school to make ends meet, but many teachers, can return home with several thousand dollars in savings from their wages.
  • Nurses can find work on international development projects, working in public health, or even working on cruise ships as part of a healthcare team. You do need to have a nursing certificate or a registered nurse to work internationally, though some students have been able to find international work in the summer. Nurses work long hours, in demanding, usually underfunded clinics, and can sometimes find themselves diagnosing patients and dispensing medication, especially if they are the only healthcare worker available.
  • Importer/exporters are entrepreneurs who either move products from their home country to another country or who bring products into the country. Importer/exporters can deal with almost any product, from food and clothing to textiles and art work. Business experience is essential for an importer/exporter, as well as some international contacts. There is plenty of room in the new import field of fair trade products, usually food, though this can also include textiles and household goods.
  • Education recruiters work for colleges and universities to attract international students to the institution for post-secondary studies. These recruiters are employees of the college, so they travel at the expense of the institution while making a US salary. Most educational recruiters have an undergraduate degree and are fluent in another language other than English, so they can market the school to students in their own language.