5 of the Best Majors That Have High Starting Salaries

Many college majors can lead to great salaries after a few years of experience, or a master's degree. But, there are a select few majors that have high starting salaries, right out of college. These majors require hard work, dedication, and a determination to succeed, but in the end the fiscal rewards are phenomenal.


Architecture majors study the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures in order to become architects after graduation. Most architecture students have a bit of background knowledge in computer systems and have at least a small ability to draw. Architecture students spend most of their time in studio working on projects for class. The types of classes architecture students take include architectural design, theory and history. Students will also take drafting and project planning courses. Most architecture programs help place their students in high paying careers after graduation.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering students begin their college career with the understanding that they will be studying for at least five years. Chemical engineering majors learn about math, chemistry and physics in order to apply that knowledge toward making more affordable products for society. Other courses for chemical engineering majors include organic chemistry and reactor design. This major is intended for people who have good study habits and the cognitive ability to learn very difficult concepts. Chemical engineering majors often get hired by companies that they had interned for during their undergraduate studies.


Agronomy is the science and technology of using plants for fuel, fiber, feed and food. Agronomy majors learn the ins and outs of a collection of sciences, including physics, biology, chemistry and genetics, in order to create healthier foods for our society. Agronomy students can specialize in different areas of the field, depending on what they want to do after graduation. Different specializations include plant breeding, soil classification, and insect and pest control. Agronomy is great for students who enjoy spending time outdoors, but also possess great study skills. Agronomists make great money right out of college because of the hard work that is required during their undergraduate years, as well as the intensity of the career itself. 

Construction Management

A degree in construction management can help land a graduate a high paying career. Construction sites do not run themselves, and therefore companies seek recent graduates with construction management degrees to help run the sites for them. Construction projects always face a deadline, and it is the responsibility of the construction manager to make sure the project is running on time. Construction mangers oversee projects of all types, including houses, road construction and corporate buildings. The hours are long and the level of danger for the construction manager and crew is higher than with many other jobs, but the starting salary makes up for it.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management information systems (MIS) degrees are perfect for anyone who loves computers and is dedicated to helping others work with computers. Students with MIS degrees learn about computer software and hardware, computer security, computer databases, and networks. These skills are acquired in order to get a job helping organizations efficiently use their systems. Because MIS degree recipients are so valuable, companies are willing to pay rather high salaries.