5 Web Design Degree Careers

Web design degrees can take you into many areas of web media because the net  and computer design take over multi- media. This is one of the few degrees which can do that. The huge advantage of a web design degree is that you can integrate your skills with any art form, across such a vast area of creative media. The degree is effectively multi disciplinary, combining the technology and creative elements of web design with conventional arts, broadcasting, and multimedia.

Web Design Degree Jobs

1. Art Director

This is a fundamental design role, using a palette of technology as well as graphics and media. This role includes a lot of original material on all levels The art director role has to be earned, but it's one of the great creative roles in web design. Art directors can work across all media.  Some move into marketing and advertising, where big money and high creativity produce the household names and motifs of whole generations.

2. Creative Director

This is commonly a senior agency or organizational position, responsible for the creative output of multiple projects. Creative directors have a lot of input, and also have an important role as trainers, mentors and teachers. It's effectively a management position, covering a range of "people" situations and related issues. This is one of the positions which defines the road to higher roles in a career.

3. Game Designer

In the early stages of a web design career, game design can be a "nuts and bolts" job. That experience is very valuable, although it may seem boring. One of the great achievements of a career is to design a popular game, particularly a Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) like World of Warcraft. At that level, your career achieves a portfolio coup, and you move up the hierarchy of design on the basis of proven talent. Game design is second only to animation in terms of in demand skills. Like animation, it's one of the most highly regarded skills for the true believers of multimedia design.

4. Web Media Designer

This is a very broad spectrum role, using all possible web media, streaming, downloads, Java applications, and it's a high demand commercial area of web design. This is a particularly good area for developing the broad business skills of web design. However, it's also a creative field in its own right, and working with multiple forms of media allows for a lot of creativity. Every now and then a web media designer goes further and opens up new ground in presentation and use of media.

5. E-Commerce Site Development

People tend to forget that all those commercial functions on websites have to be developed by somebody. The new commercial applications coming across the phone media and the net are web designer work. This is "back room" design, rarely seen by the public, but it's one of the most important parts of commercial web design and primary business functions. This is a career which can literally have you designing your way to the bank.

The beauty of web design is that there's absolutely nothing to stop you doing all of these jobs in your career. That's the sort of freedom your web design degree can give you.