52 Exciting Summer Jobs

Summer is here and for many, it's the perfect time to get a job and save some money. If you're stuck on what type of employment to look for this season, check out these exciting positions sure to add weight to your resume and significant experience to your summer.

1. Paper route- Local paper carriers often pay a set amount to those willing to deliver papers in the early hours of the morning. Usually every morning but sometimes just a once a week publication can be found also. Pay depends on the number of houses delivered to and can be done by walking or with a bike in many cases. Older teens can use a car and do multiple routes if really ambitious.

2. Babysitting- This can be something done by word of mouth and for only a few people or turned into a sitting service and advertised on fliers, done on a larger scale, for teens of any age. A teen can do this independently, or can work for a daycare facility or in a school. For best results, consider getting free first aid training and classes through the Red Cross or such.

3. Freelance writing- There are websites out there that offer jobs writing both fiction and nonfiction, editing, creating websites, and much more. A word of caution here is that there are many scams out there. Legitimate sites will not charge money for you to get started. Most will ask for a writing sample or to take a test, if anything, so venturing this can be risky. Also, be careful of divulging any personal or financial information to someone that you may not know.

4. Website design- This is something you can do on your own in spare moments, advertise as a service and do wholeheartedly, or look on the internet for paid listings. Again, if responding to job postings be careful about advertisings wanting you to pay to get info about a job as it most likely is a scam. There are many templates and programs available that can help in this area but no matter how one goes about website design, a high level of computer skills as well as art skills are needed for this particular kind of work. Best suited for older teens but that does not mean younger, tech-savvy teens cannot do it also.

5. Painting service- To do this kind of work, any age is suitable. Requirements are one cannot mind being outdoors, mind doing physical labor, or getting dirty. Basic painting skills are necessary and if one has never helped paint before they may want to stay away from complicated indoor jobs. Once learned, can do more complicated projects and charge more money or take on more work. Options in this area include working for oneself or working under the instruction of a professional painter or a construction company, which is an option for older teens.

6. Make/sell cold drinks- Think setting up on the corner and selling lemonade or iced tea. But, an enterprising young person can go far beyond this. If you can mix interesting concoctions of fruit juices and teas, or find a way to bottle them and carry them to a nearby workplace, such as a construction site...you could be in business! Another option, which may fare better, is to buy 12 packs and 24 packs of soda and water when on sale at the local grocery store and use them to resell also.

7. Car washing and detailing- This can require some serious physical labor, but can yield some money in an afternoon or a weekend. Get permission and use an area of a yard or parking lot to hold a car wash. Do it yourself or enlist the help of a few friends and split the profits. Another idea to expand on this concept is to work for a local car dealership or to work at a local car wash doing this type of work.

8. Cleaning service--house, garage, yard, etc.- There are many types of cleaning services that can be offered. You can do cleaning for people in their home which would include everything from laundry and doing dishes and scrubbing toilets, to doing special chores that people tend to hate like cleaning out garages and basements. The key to being successful at this is to find out what adults charge to do it and charge less. This is something for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and have the ambition to employ themselves or look for work around their neighborhood.

9. Dog walking- Some people do not have the time to adequately walk their pets daily or just do not enjoy the chore. Advertise yourself as a pet walking service and walk pets around the neighborhood on a schedule for a small fee. Or, see if the local animal shelter or pet store will let you work doing this for a small amount daily.

10. Pet grooming- This could go as a component of the pet walking business or alone. Washing and grooming animals could earn some money, as many people hate trying to give their stubborn dogs and cats a bath. The downside is some animals can get a little wild acting when they know it is bath time. Find out what professional groomers charge and make up for your inexperience by charging a reasonable amount.

11. Personal shopper- Not just for going shopping for clothes, a personal shopper is a convenience-oriented person who might run to the grocery store and purchase what someone needs from a list, pick up dry cleaning, or go the pharmacy to get needs there. A personal shopper goes shopping to get whatever someone needs. Or to run errands. Perfect for the younger teen!

12. Lawn care/gardening service- Simply put, mowing yards and weed eating grass for a fee. One can do this on their own, of course. For those wanting to get into more than mowing grass, there are options in planting, gardening, and weeding also.

13. Computer tech services- If you are highly skilled in the tech area, working on laptops or other small electronic devices that are experiencing difficulties can be rewarding and worth some serious money. This can be especially good if one finds work with a local company, as working independently provides no liability if they worsen someone's tech problems. You must know what you are doing in this area to venture trying computer repair, and it is not something easily learned. Other than that, it can be very profitable.

14. Advertising/photography services- For the teen that has a camera and a good sense of design, you might be able to make some extra pocket money by making small advertisements for local people or taking and selling photos. Often a good sense of computers is necessary also.

15. Camp counselor- Most camps have a surge in kids coming for summer enrollment, and to deal with that they hire teens to help staff the camp. Teens can often identify with kids better than adults can, and the pay can be great in addition to the work setting being a lot of fun. Often they train you in any skills that are needed, and the pay is good. To find a job of this nature search on the internet for local camps and apply directly.

16. Farm work- See if any local farms are in need of extra workers. Chore work would be most typical and pay would be average. Expect things like mowing, cleaning and taking care of animals. This is suitable for all ages, though not all ages can use all equipment and hiring would be at the discretion of the individual farm.

17. Run errands- Start an errand running service for those near you who are short on time and do not have enough time to get everything done in a day. Charge a fee to do things such as grocery shop, fetch dry cleaning, etc. Advertise by creating your own fliers and posting them all over town.

18. Tutor kids- If there is a particular subject you do well in, offer to tutor kids of your grade level or up to several below. Most of the time letting teachers know that you are willing to tutor for a small fee or posting an ad at the local library will bring customers to you.

19. Pet sitter- If someone is going out of town or works extremely long days, taking care of their pet by feeding them and playing with them is a great way to earn money. Find out how to properly care for the pet, especially if it is an unusual type of pet such as an exotic bird or a reptile.

20. House sitter- This job does not always pay but one of the perks may be getting to stay by yourself in someone else's house. If you can manage taking care of multiple houses it could be like having a vacation away from your family for the summer. Consider charging a small fee if you think it necessary or if they ask you to do multiple chores, such as care for animals and mow the lawn in the owners' absence. Not for extremely younger teens and only for the more responsible types, since the property of other people is an issue.

21. Pool caretaker- For an older teen, managing the local pool and being the pool caretaker can be a very grueling job. It can involve such duties as cleaning the pool only or it can involve staffing issues and grounds keeping as well. This depends on the individual pool and of course is a seasonal job dependent mainly on the climate where one lives.

22. Lifeguard- For younger teens to older teens, who are good swimmers and can get the proper training. Most pools need several and are willing to make sure all training is up to date by providing it for you, so search and apply at local pools and resorts if you are a good swimmer. One perk is getting a great tan while on the job.

23. Fix bicycles- If you are mechanically inclined, get a job at a bike repair shop.

24. Help a parent for money- Ask your parents if there are any odd jobs you can do for work, such as paint the house or mow the lawn. Better than nothing!

25. Buy and sell small things- Become an internet guru by buying and selling things on ebay, or acquire things locally and sell them at the local farmer's market. One disadvantage of the ebay thing is having to have a paypal account and a way to the post office [bicycle?!] but it can be doable. Going to yard sales to procure odds and ends, and then turning them into cash could be profitable.

26. Make and sell art/crafts- If you are not able to buy things to sell but are very artistically inclined, consider making craft pieces that people might want to buy for decoration for their homes or otherwise, and selling them.

27. Movie theatre- This can be a great job for a teen, usually fifteen or older due to laws. You can watch movies sometimes for free as a perk of the job. Pay not the greatest and you have to clean, typical stuff like that but not a bad first job.

28. Local grocery store- Several possible jobs include bagging groceries, cashier, cleaning, and stocking shelves.

29. Restaurant work- Restaurant work can be separated into two categories: Fast food and sit-down restaurants. For the purpose of sit down restaurants, there are a number of jobs a teen can do. Teens can be a host or hostess, wait tables, prepare cold foods, and do dishes. They cannot operate certain dangerous equipment in the kitchen, such as fryers and some cutting tools.

30. Mall jobs- Malls are a haven for quirky boutiques and are teen hangouts. Most places that teens hang out will also hire teens in the hopes that their friends will stop by and spend some cash in the process. It is possible to work at a clothing store, music store, eatery, or department store...or something very unusual. For an enterprising teen who is thinking of more than one job, the mall may make multiple jobs a possibility.

31. Department store- Department stores such as Target, Walmart and Meijer have a large hiring need and there are many roles in the store a teen can fill, from running a register to stocking shelves. Usually a teen needs to be sixteen or older.

32. Start a delivery service- If there is someone in the area who has a product that could benefit from having it delivered to their customers' doors or you know of people who like to eat out but do not like to go get their own food, doing a delivery style business for a fee might make sense.

33. Modeling career- Not for everyone and hard to stumble upon, but it is a possibility. Beware of scams and people who want to charge money to get a career in modeling started. Sometimes money can be paid to people to be extras in a movie or as part of a filmed commercial also. More than anything, this line of work seems to be a matter of chance.

34. Fast food places- Places like McDonalds and Jack in the Box, with the potential to do many different roles for a paycheck but all will make you tired by the end of the day. A fast paced environment that does not pay a whole lot but it is still not bad for a teen as a first job, and can include anything from cleaning to food preparation and waiting on customers.

35. Concrete/masonry work- Usually, one would have to be hired on as part of a construction or masonry team. This is for stronger, more mature teens and safety should definitely be a top concern. Not an easy job and requires much skill as well as it should be supervised by an adult in the trade.

36. Roof repair- Nailing down or repairing a roof sounds simple but in fact it requires some knowledge level. This is another job that a teen can do or can be on a construction crew to do but should not be doing on their own. Moderate level of danger and injury risk involved, even though most of the time really all one is doing is nailing shingles.

37. Toy store- This can be a fun job, especially if you do not mind kids. Pay is not too bad, usually around minimum wage or slightly above but the hours are not too bad and the atmosphere can be fun.

38. Arcade- This can be a fun place, especially if you are allowed to play the games for free once in a while. Most arcades do not hire younger than sixteen, some do not hire younger than eighteen because of cash handling.

39. Clothing store- Primary duties could folding and stocking clothes, waiting on customers, and taking care of the fitting room. Good for fifteen year olds and up.

40. Secondhand store or thrift shop- Any owners that are independent might be willing to hire younger than fifteen or sixteen for a small wage. Work would include stocking, cleaning, and waiting on customers.

41. Internship- These positions can be paid or unpaid. If one is looking for job experience that is relevant to their career, doing an unpaid internship can be beneficial to long term career goals. Sometimes a student can be lucky enough to find a paid internship that also corresponds to career goals. Search a few months in anticipation of being able to begin the internship and check directly with the companies you are interested with as well as getting help from your school.

42. Photographer's assistant- A photographer often needs someone to assist with placing camera equipment, carrying equipment during shoots, and helping pose subjects. Can also be considered a great learning experience for people interested in joining the field. Good job for a teen of any age.

43. Freelance artist- Writing jobs can be found on the internet and sometimes even through local publications. A computer is a must, as are good writing skills. Perfect job for all teens, but especially for younger ones who may have trouble finding employment in other ways. Beware of scams though.

44. Roller-skating rink- In some places these venues have become extinct while in others they have been reborn. Working in a skating rink or skate shop can provide fun plus an avenue for exercise while getting a paycheck. Age restrictions depend on the employer, and there may be other areas to work within the rink, such as concessions.

45. Window cleaning- This could be ideal for a metro kid with no idea where to start, especially one under fifteen who is finding it hard to find a job because of legal restrictions. Cleaning supplies are inexpensive and going from business to business to establish who needs a cleaner can take some time but once one learns who needs the service and has a list of clients, the work begins and the potential is there to make money as long as one has plenty of self motivation!

46. Beach concessions and vending- For those located near a beach or state park, see if there are hiring needs at the local beach or state park for concessions or vending. A teen can fill machines, stock shelves, count money and take care of customers. Oddly enough, this is an area that can get overlooked and a teen may be able to get a job quite easily.

47. Work at a state park- State parks and recreating facilities need people to maintain them, so jobs at a park can include taking care of the grounds, attending to campers, cleaning buildings and campsites, or even helping the animals. This can be a good job for any age but may be subject to legal restrictions, especially if equipment such as lawn mowers are involved.

48. City summer work program- Some cities offer summer programs that involve taking care of kids, maintaining parks, or work study. Contact the city to find out if there is anything like this in your area, but these can be great jobs for teens.

49. Make and sell jewelry- Making and selling jewelry to either peers or setting up at the local flea market can be profitable, though selling to others can be much easier and less hassle than setting up at a show. Another option is ebay buy can involve a lot of work. This is a good idea for teens of all ages.

50. Animal shelter work- Sometimes the animal shelter is short on help and will pay for teens to walk pets, feed them, or bathe them. Great job for all ages, especially kids who love to play with animals.

51. Church work/clerical or other- Churches have a need for people to do typing, filing, and produce documents. A teen who is handy with a computer and can handle basic office duties such as filing and answering the phone might find themselves a job this way.

52. Work in an office- Includes such things as typing, answering phones, filing, answering complaints, copying and creating documents, and running errands for the boss as well as cleaning. Good for older teens that are great with computers.