6 Business Degree Careers for Business Majors

There are many excellent options for those that are looking for business major careers following getting a business degree. A career in business is more varied than many people believe, especially when so many industries value candidates who've taken the time and effort to complete their college degrees in business majors. Business professionals serve as the foundation for organizations of all types within many different industries. If you are seeking employment in the business field after obtaining a college degree in a business major, here are some of the best careers to consider.

Healthcare Administrative Business Careers

One of the fastest growing careers in the world of business includes working within the health care sector. Health care, medical and pharmaceutical professionals are in high demand as this industry continues to explode. Business majors who want to work in health care can choose from jobs in public health administration, insurance, accounting, patient advocacy and department management, to name just a few.

Retail Sales and Hospitality Management Business Careers

Consumers are contributing to the high growth in the retail market; therefore retail and hospitality chains need skilled sales people to fill the role of promoting and providing customer care. It takes leaders to handle the challenges of sales and account management so many companies are looking for those with 4 year college degrees who understand the importance of solid business practices and customer service.

Government Business Careers

The government is another industry that looks for college graduates of business degree programs. There are many job opportunities within state and federal agencies relating to health, education, finance, security and other services and needs handled by the government. In addition, the government has special programs for industries that have critical needs for business majors to get additional training or tuition assistance to complete college degrees.

Business Careers with Nonprofit Organizations

The non-profit sector has grown to include thousands of organizations and associations worldwide that hope to improve life as we know it. Within non-profits, there are many key roles available that business majors are perfect for, such as development, enterprise management, membership and fund-raising leaders. If you want to make a difference and hold down a great job as a business major, then non-profits are a good place to look.

Human Resource Business Jobs

The challenges in workforce management have created many careers for business majors in human resources. Most companies have at least one human resource manager on staff to deal with recruiting and employment matters. Business majors that specialize in human resources can find above average salaries and rewarding roles within all industries. In addition, many human resource professionals work as part of teams with employment or human resources consulting firms.

Small Business Management Roles

For the business major who has entrepreneurial skills, starting a small business can be a great option. Small businesses can spring up from just about any interest or talent and be managed in many different ways, including the ability to work from a home office. Many small business owners use their business degrees to successfully build larger companies or create a network of related companies over time which creates more career opportunities for other business graduates.