6 Finance Careers to Consider

There are many excellent finance careers to consider in the world of business. Finance careers are expected to grow at above average rates as companies try to compete in an ever changing market economy. The need for skilled accounting and financial professionals is on the rise in many industries. If you are looking for a job in the finance sector, here are some careers to think about.

Corporate Finance Officers and Auditors

There is a big need for finance professionals to work at the corporate level to handle complex matters. With constant changes in finance laws and practices, there will always be a need for finance and accounting professionals who can audit, review, manage and protect the financial information and processes that occur in large organizations around the world.

Tax and Payroll Accountants

In addition to having financial officers on staff, many companies choose to hire outside tax and payroll accounting firms to handle tedious tasks like payroll and taxes that must be handled correctly to avoid legal penalties. Tax and payroll accountants generally have a four year college degree in accounting with specialization in payroll and tax processing.

Banking and Financial Institutional Professionals

If you enjoy working with consumers in a bank environment, then a job in banking and other financial institutions may be the perfect fit for you. Banking officers work in a variety of roles from entry level customer service jobs to more experienced loan officers and financial counselors. Banks, credit unions and other lending institutions need well-trained individuals who can explain financial matters to consumers and help them identify the products and services they need to manage their personal and business finances.

Real Estate Loan and Mortgage Specialists

There is a growing need for financial professionals who work in the real estate, loan and mortgage departments of large lending institutions and real estate companies. Real estate loan officers work in banks and mortgage companies to help home buyers apply for and qualify for the best rates in home loans and mortgages.

Investment and Retirement Planners

For anyone who likes to work with stocks, bonds, 401K's or IRA's, working as an investment and retirement planner can be a rewarding occupation. This fast-paced industry is interested in helping people save for their future retirements. In addition, they may be directly involved with managing the purchase of stocks and bonds for people nearing retirement age or wanting to put money aside for educational costs or to pay off debts.

Collections and Debt Agents

Over the years, consumers have continually struggled with getting into debt for a variety of reasons. When this happens, people often get behind in making payments for debts incurred for personal and business matters. As for finance careers, this creates opportunities for debt and collections agents to call on consumers to assist them with getting their accounts back on track through repayment plans and better budgeting. Look for entry level careers in collections that include excellent pay rates and bonuses for top performers.