6 Philosophy Degree Jobs for Philosophy Majors

Philosophy degree jobs are basically academic positions. Philosophy means the "love of wisdom". This is one of the few purely intellectual disciplines that use the processes of logic and argument as a basis of reasoning. The philosophy major is most commonly added to other degrees and qualifications for specific jobs. In and of itself, the philosophy major applies mainly to philosophy for employment purposes. However, there are many variations possible within the career path. Philosophy is an unusual study, and the qualifications can lead to surprising career opportunities. There are actually several streams of employment for philosophy majors that include the academic, law, political or commercial realms.

Academic Careers

One of the most popular academic paths is the actual teaching of philosophy. This is a postgraduate level position, usually requiring a doctorate in philosophy, working in the traditional academic mode. These positions include a requirement for training in the role of lecturer, and other educational disciplines.

Also, there are research related fields that are much less popular. They involve the fundamental work of dealing with preparation of works dealing with ancient, historic, and modern philosophy. It's generally confined to publications and academic papers within the profession, usually done by graduates and undergraduates working as research assistants. 

Lastly, advanced academic studies in history, mathematics and law are also used in philosophy. The concepts used in these areas are bona fide philosophical ideas, which are studied and interpreted by researchers with strong backgrounds in philosophy. An expert in Greek philosophy would be required to provide context and background information to some of the life, culture and works of Herodotus, Plato, Pythagoras or Homer, for example. 

Institutional Jobs

Political science, public service, management science, politics and charities are all part of the institutional job component of philosophy. Philosophy and its concepts have direct applications in these areas. The academic degree relates well to political "think tanks" and other ideology-based social groups. These tend to be careers of choice for motivated philosophy majors in the political sphere.

Law Careers

Philosophy degrees are considered good grounding in law, with the strong emphasis on argument and logic being particularly valuable. Philosophy majors are very much at home in the adversarial legal arena, and comprehension of legal principles.

Commercial Careers

One of the more surprising areas of employment for philosophy majors is upper level commerce. Microsoft, Google, and other major employers use philosophy as part of "thinking outside the box". Conceptualization is a relatively new but expanding area of work for philosophy majors. It applies in important areas of marketing, advertising, and business strategies. This is almost exclusively postgraduate work, but it's worth considering as a long term goal for those entering philosophy as a career path option.