7 Airport Security Jobs

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a federal agency controls the airport security jobs. Airport security jobs are regarded as the frontline aviation protection force of the nation and are there to protect aircraft, airports and air travelers from any type of security breach like stealing, bombing attempts, or hijacking. As numerous people use airports, it becomes an ideal target for anti-social elements.

Airport Security jobs come with excellent pay packages, even for entry-level positions. The job also provides numerous government benefits like sick and vacation pay, health insurance and retirement plans. These jobs require more patience and customer service orientation in order to request passengers to cooperate with security process in a professional way. You should also be aware of the rules and regulations that keep changing.

1. Baggage Screener

From the known history, we can understand that some of the attacks on airports took place as travelers were permitted to carry weapons or other dangerous items with them within the airport area or on board. Hence, it is wise to screen such items among baggage using metal detectors, advanced explosive detection devices like Puffer or the X-ray machines. Baggage screeners are present in the concourse otherwise called as a sterile area to check the baggage for potentially dangerous objects or explosives.

2. Transportation Security Manager

As a transportation security manager, you will be coordinating and managing the transportation security and screening operations. You have the responsibility to schedule their rotation of jobs through various screening points. Train your subordinates to provide friendly customer service to air travelers. Manage and eliminate transport security threats with the help of security devices.

3. Dangerous Goods and Cargo Inspector

With the help of gamma ray scanning system, freight and cargo is examined for the presence of dangerous goods by a Dangerous Goods and Cargo Inspector. As a Dangerous goods and Cargo inspector, you will be looking out for the presence of contraband, weapons, dangerous chemicals or other explosive items.

4. Assistant Federal Security Director (AFSD) for Screening

You have to manage the security screeners, screening managers and checkpoint supervisors and also administer the laws, policies and regulations of TSA’s screening in aviation security. Hence, you must possess knowledge about aviation security, enforcement of law and professional security management skills.

5. Assistant Federal Security Director for Regulatory Inspection

You will act as an advisor to the Federal Security Director regarding the compliance and enforcement directives about airport security. You have to prepare inspection programs to be followed by the vendors, airport tenants and airlines. You will also be conducting assessments and investigations to determine the security position.

6. Assistant Federal Security Director – Generalist

As a generalist AFSD, you will be responsible for the overall security of the airport, address personnel issues and provide an efficient leadership to all employees of TSA. You must possess skills like incident, risk, operations and self management, administration, security knowledge and more.

7. Federal Security Director (FSD)

You have to provide directions for daily operations of the security at the airports as a FSD. You will be the decision maker regarding the implementation of the security arrangements within the airport, crisis management, protection of data communication, assessment of airport security risks, awareness training for security employees and more.