7 Flexible Schedule Jobs

Looking for a flexible schedule job? For millions of hard-working people, being able to maintain the balance between having a career and a personal life means working in a part time or flexible career. Flexible jobs create the ability to work variable hours and days, which is perfect for people who require supplemental income or have other commitments. This works out well for anyone raising a family, going to school or working multiple jobs to make ends meet. If you are seeking a flexible schedule job, here are 7 to consider.

Call Center

There are a great number of call center and customer service jobs that can be managed on a flexible or part time basis. Companies often hire call center employees to work in rotating shifts in order to meet the demands of their customers. In addition, there are many companies that hire home based call center and customer service employees to work flexible schedules.

Child Care

For those who care for the well-being of children, there are many flexible career options. From day care centers to after-school programs and in-home daycare, childcare is in demand. Becoming a child care worker involves getting trained in basic child care and learning methods to keep kids of different age groups occupied.


In the field of education there are many great opportunities for teachers to work flexible part time jobs. Most public school districts offer some form of assistant teaching or after-school tutoring programs. In addition, there are many online colleges and universities seeking part time online adjunct instructors and tutors to work with students remotely.


Are you a creative person who prefers to do your own thing? Then you can find many freelance opportunities today that are flexible. Thanks to the Internet, there are many freelance writing, web design, graphic design, photography and content management jobs available for skilled professionals looking for a more flexible schedule.


For anyone who enjoys working in a fast-paced career serving the public, a flexible job in hospitality is the perfect fit. Jobs in restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs are often part time as are careers for concierges and car attendants. The plus of jobs in hospitality is that they include hourly wages plus cash tips.

Sales and Retail

Jobs in sales and retail are a good choice for anyone looking for a fast-paced, flexible and high paying job. Sales and retail jobs are great options for people who enjoy working with the public, have above average interpersonal skills and are financially motivated. Sales jobs exist in all industries as companies compete for business so it’s easy for anyone to earn the experience needed to be successful and enjoy a flexible schedule while enjoying generous commissions and other benefits.


For anyone who prefers to work from home, there are multiple flexible part time and full time jobs available with telecommute-friendly companies. Many more businesses are taking advantage of the lower costs associated with employing home-based professionals. Look for flexible telecommuting jobs in many different industries including health care, education, web and software management, research, direct sales and the creative fields.