7 Freelance Finance Job Options

Freelance finance job options are pretty similar to the mainstream market, but the opportunities to build a good business are better. Freelance finance is best for the highly experienced professionals, those with industry contacts and a track record that attracts business.

This work is lucrative, and provided you don’t take on too much work, freelance finance work is likely to provide better opportunities than a go-nowhere organizational job.

Freelance finance jobs may take the form of several different roles.

1: Business Financial Adviser

This role works with finance, but it’s also strongly related to client businesses. It can include anything from advising on financial management to drawing up business plans, dealing with client credit issues, arranging loan brokerages and so forth. This is steady work that helps you network and build a business base in a community. It’s also a good niche for cash flow.

2: Financial Adviser

A financial adviser completes more typical mainstream finance work (not so concerned with the business management angle, although commonly involved in private finances and portfolio management). Note the licensing requirements for this freelance finance job. State licenses are usually required in the U.S.

3: Financial Planner

Financial planners work across the board. Duties may involve superannuation agency work and investment strategy options across the equity markets and other major investment areas. This work may include setting up venture funding plans and advising about capital raising.

4: Financial Project Worker

A typical area of freelance finance work, this role may include managing a project or just working on specific jobs in the finance sector. This contract work is worth investigating when you are building a freelance finance business to ensure cash flow.

5: Multiple-Role Professional

This is a combination of all of the above, suitable for good all-round financial experts. The multiple-role approach is a flexible business model and gives you a good portfolio of recent business. The main issues when working across multiple streams of finance are organization and schedules, when you’re getting a lot of work. You need to look closely at returns in terms of time commitments. 

6: Finance Specialist

For the real specialist in a particular field, this can be an excellent form of freelance finance work. It allows further development of your strongest skills, and it’s a natural progression for your career experience. These roles are effectively consultancies, and the money is potentially excellent.

7: Investment Adviser

Another job for experts with licenses and a track record in the industry, investment advising is an excellent cash flow option. This is a traditional investment role for most freelancers, private investment or organizational investments like 401k. It’s also a good cash flow business and can generate significant income over time.

Freelance Finance Jobs Online

There’s a site called iFreelance, a U.S. site which caters exclusively to freelancers. It’s a bidding site, where professionals post competitive quotes for contracts. If you check out the freelance finance jobs and profiles on the site, you’ll find a pretty diverse range of service options in freelance finance.

You can also post a profile on the site yourself. The profile acts as a general introduction to your services and passive advertisement for your business. (Make sure to give a good presentation of your services, quote rates, types of work and so on.)