8 Hotel Industry Jobs to Consider

Hotel industry jobs are diverse and a good path for anyone looking to turn a part-time job into a full-time job. Since hotels keep such long hours, a number of positions are available to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean uneven hours for desk staff and other employees. But, on the bright side, larger chains tend to pay above minimum wage in most states. Wages are often the lowest for cleaning positions.

1. Hotel Manager

Hotel managers oversee the daily schedule of the hotel and manager the other employees. Hotel managers make the decision about when to hire or fire an employee. Hotel managers also train customer sales representatives and other managerial staff, in some cases.

2: Housekeeping Jobs

Hotel housekeepers may be required to have a high school diploma or GED or some experience in cleaning. Hotel housekeeping jobs involve cleaning hotel rooms on a time line. Housekeeping staff also have to make sure the hotel managers know when certain rooms are cleaned and can be filled at the mid-day check-out hour to prepare for the coming day. Housekeeping staff also provide the guests with requested items.

3: Laundry Jobs

Jobs in hotel laundry service usually pay about the same as housekeeping jobs, at or a little above minimum wage. Housekeeping staff may also take care of laundry responsibilities.

4: Customer Sales Representative

A customer sales representative works at the reception area of the hotel or lodging facility. Customer sales representatives at hotels also have customer service tasks, but primarily sell rooms to customers. Front desk staff must usually be experienced in clerical work or the hotel industry. Some positions do not require experience. Good communication skills are a must, since front desk employees must be polity to hotel customers who are sometimes very tired and not very polite.

5: Night Audit Job

Night audit jobs involve receiving a higher wage to work long hours in the late night and early morning hours. Night audit staff does the same job as the customer sales representative. Security may be hired on night audit, as well.

6: Hospitality Jobs

Jobs in hospitality may require a high school diploma or GED or experience in food service. Hospitality staff is responsible for hotel buffet and continental food services, as well as beverages, snack and gift stores.

7: Grounds-keeping Jobs

Jobs in grounds-keeping for hotels are usually summer positions and may require a GED or high school diploma. Some positions may require experience. Hotel groundskeepers take care of lawns, bushes, flowers and sometimes pools. Groundskeepers also pick up trash around the hotel building to keep things nice for the guests.

8: Owner/Manager Career Path

In cities with a high volume of tourists, some entrepreneurs may choose to open their own hotel or lodging facilities to meet the local demand. Most people who pursue this career path have one of two things: a business degree, usually graduate or a lot of experience in hotel management. Hotel owners who also manage their facilities may need some background in accounting or business law if they do not plan on hiring external staff to deal with financial and legal concerns.