Administrative Assistant Job Market Trends

The administrative assistant job market is changing drastically. Job trends are expanding and diversifying, and the general classification of an administrative assistant job is turning into “anything and everything.” That may not be a particularly helpful job description, but it’s pretty accurate.

The Employment Market for Administrative Assistant Jobs

The administrative assistant job market has gone from “gopher” jobs to a range of highly trained multi-skilled roles. These jobs are now much more productive and much more demanding.

The range of administrative assistant jobs being created by new technology and new forms of business is huge.

These are just some of the areas of employment that are developing:

  • Online business
  • Online sales
  • Online customer service
  • Marketing
  • General administration
  • Web content
  • Web media
  • Website management
  • Contract administration jobs

There’s some good news here for the people doing these jobs. The training involved in many areas of administrative assistance is excellent basic training for many higher-paying jobs. These skills can also lead to careers through specialization.

In a direct line from the administrative assistant job role, “general administration” is developing rapidly. Administrative assistants' jobs are broadening to involve more roles and skills that can be developed into career skills and qualifications.

Also highly relevant is the fact that training in these areas is easy to find. The biggest single change in decades in the employment market in administration is that many administrative assistants can now rapidly gain more specialized skills and enjoy increased job mobility.

Job Trends and Career Paths

The effect of the shifts in the employment market and job design has been to transform a baseline administrative job into a potential launch pad for professional skills. This can be a somewhat complex process, but the general flow of career paths needing the types of skills that can now be developed in these formerly humdrum office jobs is interesting.

The continuum in systems and line jobs is an illustration of how administrative assistant jobs can evolve:

Stage 1: Administrative assistant job as data entry clerk.

Stage 2: Database training in house and/or at a community or technical college.

Stage 3: Data systems qualifications, with added experience from the administrative assistant job.

Stage 4: Data systems supervisory and management roles.

That’s a very simple example, but it applies in nearly all types of administrative assistant jobs. The technical skills create the career paths very effectively. It’s possible to customize a skill set in your particular administrative field quite easily.

There’s another important career element in this situation. Employers don’t mind at all if their staff members upgrade their skills like this. Many, particularly major, employers encourage and support this sort of staff development. It’s actually considered best practice in human resources management, and it adds a lot of potential dollar, knowledge and skills value to employee productivity.

Variations on this approach include formal training in business management, accountancy, sales, or other business related to administrative assistant jobs. It’s worth exploring these job trends, as they apply to your line of work. You may be surprised what your job can do for you.