Advertising Jobs

Advertising is a huge, diverse industry that includes media, legal, sales, creative, and business jobs in its structure. Careers in advertising are among the most diverse in any industry, and include freelance, agency, contract, account and commission work as standard jobs. There's almost no such thing as a standard career track, which can make advertising a complex industry to work in.


In advertising, your qualifications and credentials are your career potentials. If you have a good record in an agency, or doing work for agencies, you'll have a passport to career success. This is a demanding industry, but it also gives real opportunities if you have talent.

Entry level advertising jobs

Baseline qualifications in the various fields are similar to other industries, but in advertising they're only the starting point. Entry level people in this industry start to specialize the minute they start work. Agency and industry experience is usually essential in advertising. The more experience in the industry, the more highly valued the person, in terms of getting jobs.

Internships, particularly those with name brand agencies, are valued highly. These internships can do a lot to speed up a career based on mobility and agility, and they're job getters in their own right. Who you've worked for matters a lot, and gives you credibility throughout an advertising career.

Career paths

Climbing the ladder in advertising isn't easy, as the bar is set high. You have to become a top professional, an agency manager, or an agency partner. This is achieved on career credentials in most cases. Advertising is one of the most fluid employment markets around. It's common for people to promote themselves up the ladder rapidly, getting better paying jobs with better career credentials. Only sales equals the degree of frenzy in career mobility in advertising.

The basic class distinction in advertising jobs is between agency salaried jobs and freelance jobs, and it's a misleading concept. Salaried jobs are 'normal' jobs in the sense of the word, but freelancers often make better money when they have solid reputations in the business. Sources of income in advertising careers can be complex, and that fact often dictates career paths. There are intellectual property considerations in advertising that can be worth a fortune. The owners of IP rights, like freelancers, make big money, charge what they want, and control their career paths.

Career environment

There are no forms of sugar coating to describe the advertising industry as a working environment. The word is 'tough,' however it's expressed. Hiring and firing in advertising is on par with sales. Sales work in advertising is as tough as doing both types of jobs combined. The people who do well are often brilliant, talented people whose work is in demand, or excellent business people who know how to make big money.

A career in advertising can be the most challenging, yet most rewarding, of all career choices. Stay alert, stay mobile, and you'll do well.