Agricultural Surveyor Employment

Employment as an Agricultural surveyor They are mostly involved in land valuations, advice on development, management and use of rural land. Agricultural surveyors work in a close relationship with the local government and environmentalists as well as the developers in the area. They valuate rural property, equipment, cattle and harvests for the purpose of selling a piece of farm land or for insurance claims. They are also involved in auctioneering of farms. The work sometimes entails mapping of areas for creation of resorts and wildlife sanctuaries.

Their expertise is often used by farmers, local government and developers for advice on possible uses of land, assessing the impact of development, and inputs on how vegetable or crop production can be maximized on a piece of land. Office hours are normally from 8 to 5, but field work hours may vary according to the project. A lot of traveling is involved and visits to specific sites and clients take up much of your time.

Agricultural surveyor jobb skills

The field is very diversified and you therefore need:

  • Analytical thinking abilities
  • Computer literacy
  • Mapping skills
  • Working knowledge of farming equipment
  • Extensive ground use knowledge
  • Background in farming practices
  • In-depth knowledge of crops and animals
  • To be able to do complex calculations and work out statistics
  • Have good interpersonal and written communication skills
  • A thorough understanding of the land uses regulations and laws

Training for Agricultural surveyor
Some experience of farming, mapping and conservation is required apart from a higher diploma or a related degree in agricultural surveying. Other degrees or diplomas that are related such as estate management or valuation together with practical learning experience can be used as an alternative.


Agricultural surveyors are normally employed by local governments, financial institutions, insurance brokers, real estate agents, farmers, conservation bodies and developers.

Land surveyors
These type of surveyors are involved in the measuring and mapping of a piece of land or site. The engineers use their plans for construction in different building projects such as bridges, roads, and urban development. Real estate agents acquire these land surveying diagrams when they plan to sell stands, vacant land and plots or farms. The LG diagrams indicate where power lines, servitudes, and water pipes are, which influence the usage of the land.

Their work includes the studying of the usage feasibility of a proposed site. The land surveyors work in close relationship with the environmental and urban planners. Apart from this they also use specific equipment to conduct geospatial assessments and make use of geographic instruments for the collation and interpretation of data on a specific site. The work also involves hydrographic measurement, which is the collection and mapping of water under the surface. Work starts early in the morning and ends around 5 oclock in the afternoon. Traveling is sometimes required and a lot of time is spend outdoors.

Job Description of Land Surveyors
The land surveyor works with high tech equipment, travels a lot, works with detailed information and with people and as suchshould:

  • Be knowledgeable in mapping and drawing software such as CAD
  • Computer literate
  • Have excellent analytical thinking skills
  • Have above average measuring, mapping and mathematical skills
  • Be accurate
  • Be familiar with environmental, urban and safety regulations
  • Have good communication and presentation skills
  • Be able to work alone and as part of a team
  • Work with people
  • Be able to plan and organize projects
  • Be able to work with advanced surveying equipment

You can either work at a surveying firm to gain practical experience while you study or complete an advanced diploma or degree in land surveying. Typical qualifications include degrees in civil engineering, geography or land surveying.

Government bodies, urban planning departments, financial institutions, developers and surveying firms hire land surveyors. You can get promoted to chartered status, project manager, or open your own firm.

Construction surveyor Employment
The construction surveyors are involved with construction projects and provide advice on design, building, maintenance and repairs of building projects. The work may be for a homeowner or a large construction company. The work entails feasibility studies, structural assessments, advice on damage repair and maintenance, tender preparations, reporting, dispute resolution, assessments of damage to buildings, property and site inspections, and supervision of projects.Construction surveyors work in close relationship with city planners, property owners, builders, project managers, architects, local governments, insurers, developers, engineers and financial institutions.The work hours are normally from 8 till 5 oclock. The work is a combination of office and on-site work. It entails traveling and difficult working circumstances on the building site. Safety clothing is required on building sites.

Job Description of Construction surveyor
Due to the often dangerous work and physical demands of the job, you need to be physically fit and in good health. Apart from this you also should:

  • Have excellent problem solving skills
  • Be an analytical thinker
  • Be knowledgeable in surveying techniques
  • Have a building background
  • Not be afraid of heights
  • Have good mathematical and calculation skills
  • Be computer literate
  • Be familiar with building laws and regulations
  • Be able to manage teams
  • Have good interpersonal and written communication skills


You need a relevant degree or diploma in project management, construction surveying, or civil or construction engineering. Some of the subjects that may be required include mathematics, building law, and business economics.


Construction surveyors are employed by local and national government bodies, financial institutions, developers, building companies, investors and surveying firms. Promotion to senior positions at the employers is possible but you can also establish your own firm or enter a related field such as building inspecting.