Aircraft Inspector Career Profile

The job of an aircraft inspector is to assess the mechanical and structural components within an aircraft. As an aircraft inspector, you need to inspect the plane, its engines and other major components and systems. Ensuring proper maintenance and repair of the equipment is also your responsibility. You have to perform routine mechanical checks on the components of the aircraft. This is done to ensure that the components adhere to flight and safety conventions and do not jeopardize the security of air travelers.

Fundamental Tasks

The safety of the travelers is your responsibility, and you would be performing tasks such as these:

  • Examination of the aircraft, engines and operational components. You have to make sure that the repairs are made in accordance with the specifications.
  • Inspection of mechanical and structural systems within the aircraft. Give a certification for these systems, meeting the required standards.
  • Performing an inspection of the maintenance work done by the aircraft mechanics. Ensure that the standards are met while repairs or modifications are being carried out.
  • Collection of data like engine revolutions per minute and response time of critical components through automated systems. Also, performance-related values like fuel and oil pressures should be evaluated to detect any discrepancies.
  • Maintaining details of repair records and inspection reports.
  • Certifying that the aircraft is safe and up-to-date with respect to the flight standards.

Working Conditions

An aircraft inspector has to work both indoors and outdoors.

  • In aircrafts, you get to work in quiet and clean environmental conditions.
  • Outdoors you would have to be in hangars, which are smelly, noisy and full of tools and large equipment.
  • You should be ready to work at heights, like on the aircraft tail or fuselage wing.
  • You may have to work in all weather conditions while working on the repairs.
  • You should be open to traveling to different places.

Work Hours and Salary

As an aircraft inspector, you have to work for a standard 40 hours a week. However, you may need to work longer when there is an emergency. You should be ready to work in shifts. You may also have to be on call on weekends and evenings.

As of July 11th, 2008, the average salary of an aircraft inspector was about $42,000. The exact salary depends on various factors like the company, location and the experience you possess.

Opportunities for Advancement

As an aircraft inspector, you can work for small and large aircraft manufacturing and maintenance firms. Various airlines and aircraft operators would be interested in hiring you. You may get work at flight training schools or educational and research institutions. More job opportunity details are available at You may also be employed on military bases or in government departments.

With experience as a licensed aircraft inspector, you can look for supervisory and managerial positions in the organizations. You may also choose to become a sales representative of aeronautical products. A willingness to relocate is bound to work to your advantage as an aircraft inspector.