Aircraft Mechanic Job Market Trends

People sometimes oversimplify their image of the aircraft mechanic job. This is a technology-driven job market, but it also includes some aspects and job options which aren't obvious.

Aircraft Mechanic Job Streams

The aircraft mechanic job market springs mostly from several industry areas, including airlines, general aviation, military and vintage planes.

The airlines employ subcontractors, maintenance people and most of the different types of aircraft mechanics, including airframe, power plant, avionics and related peripherals. Some people consider the airlines to be the benchmark for commercial employment standards.

General aviation includes both private and commercial or corporate planes. The menagerie of different types and classes of planes in this field is another primary source of work for specialists and manufacturers.

The military provides a wide range of job options for aircraft mechanics. The major importance of the military as an employer is its wide range of technology. Experience with different technologies can translate into other sectors as portable job skills, accreditations, licenses and other related career assets.

For experts vintage planes can offer employment. If you can work with piston engines, particularly old military planes like Mustangs or Spitfires, you can expect to receive work from collectors, museums and service groups.

Job Market Trends

The employment cycles in the aviation industry are based on commerce. Profits and costs directly impact employment throughout the sector. All areas of the industry experience regular upswings and downturns. In time of downturn, you can make the most of your job search by recognizing aircraft mechanic job trends and adjusting to these trends.

Technology Developments

Like in many other industries, technology drives aircraft mechanic job trends. The regular replacement of aircraft types represents a good set of job possibilities for those familiar with new technology in airframe and power plant areas.

New Avionics Systems

Independent of other technology, avionics systems are subject to new classes of planes and new system designs, but are also regularly updated on existing planes. This fact translates into two types of aircraft mechanic jobs: working on the new systems and maintaining the older ones.

Outsourcing of Maintenance

The outsourcing of maintenance jobs is a sore point with the airline maintenance crews. However, it also provides some interesting job and business possibilities for those prepared to become outsource contractors for regional operators. You may in fact find yourself working for several operators, not just one.

Vintage Reconstruction and Maintenance

This aircraft mechanic job trend rates a mention because of the increasing size of the sector. Vintage jets, for example, like Sabres, Phantoms, MIG 15s and so forth, use technology and mechanical systems which are rarely even taught to students these days. Enthusiasts are creating collections of these planes, so they regularly need competent mechanics to keep the planes in flying condition.

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