Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Market Trends

Aircraft sheet metal mechanics, are very much in demand in the job market. There are some good jobs, too, but the overall job quality needs to be looked at objectively. This is particularly the case if you’re working your way up the career ladder with skills and need to develop experience to progress.

This job market has a few problems. The aviation industry is spread all over the nation, and it’s quite common to find great jobs anywhere but where you are. If you’re at entry level this is less of a problem, in fact it’s a good introduction the realities of the employment market. If you’ve got a family and roots in an area, however, state-hopping is very much an acquired taste.

The good news is that there are some options in these cases. Major league professional and trades staffing agencies like Aerotek Aviation, for example, provide a nationwide service for employers in the aviation industry, and they can sometimes reduce the strain by finding jobs in your state or help you deal with relocation. Keeping an eye on what these agencies have to offer is usually worth doing.

Check out the jobs on Aviation Employment, a US aviation industry specialist site. If you search the sheet metal mechanic jobs, you’ll see a pretty representative, wide spread of jobs, as well as some standardized positions and shift jobs. 

The Aviation Industry and Job Market Trends

This is the aviation industry, and as all professionals know, it goes up and down, all the time. This is a very capital-sensitive industry sector, and if the money’s not there, nor are the jobs. This is one of the certainties in this sector, and dealing with it is a common issue.

For sheet metal mechanics, the high range of repairs, maintenance and other types of work is a buffer to a point, but shrinking revenue means fewer jobs, too, and maybe restructuring.

There are options across this big sector:

If you’re an experienced sheet metal mechanic, you can do contract work. This is basically working for yourself, but you can build up a good business.

Some employers offer fixed rates for shifts per week, meaning you can also do other jobs to provide some extra income cover. These are “sort of” part time jobs, in effect. The advantage of having more than one income source covers any difficult patches when the job market takes a downturn.

Long term, upgrading your trades qualifications and skills is always a possibility, and it’s a potentially very valuable move. You can outmaneuver the notoriously fickle aviation job market with some added job options.

Career Considerations

These options also create new career tracks, useful when you run into the brick wall of an industry downturn. The added options give you multiple ways around the obstacle course.

Aviation sheet metal mechanic jobs can lead to excellent careers. If you know how to read the job market, you’ll find that it can work in your favor. This is also a very good job market for people mobile skill sets. If you’re starting out you can get somewhere in your career quickly by balancing skills, qualifications and job opportunities.