Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanic Job Profile

As an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, you have to maintain, modify and integrate the aircraft and its parts. Modifying the structure of aircraft and parts, such as fixed wings, is your responsibility. You will be involved in activities like fabrication, assembly, installation and the repairing of sheet metal equipment and products. The major task you have to perform is the maintenance of the aircraft.

Basic Tasks

Being an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, you will have to work hard to ensure the fitness of the aircraft. The basic obligations you will be responsible for are:

  • Maintain, modify and install the various components of aircraft sheet metal.
  • Repair, rework, install and fabricate the complex aircraft structural assemblies, both internal and external.
  • Lay out plans, fabrication and installation models for modifications.
  • Perform checks; carry out inspections and removal of components.
  • Study technical manuals, blueprints and engineering drawings.
  • Provide assistance to aircraft technicians and mechanics on various tasks.
  • Remove and disassemble defective parts of the aircraft.
  • Perform final checks on assembly and installation of parts that were replaced.
  • Maintain and keep track of all the maintenance records.
  • Adhere to company policies and safety programs.
  • Maintain the supplies and perform preventive maintenance. 

Work Environment

While accomplishing the various tasks of an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). As an aircraft sheet metal worker, you will have to work in large manufacturing plants or small shops. At work, you will be

  • exposed to vibrations;
  • commonly exposed to mobile mechanical parts and fumes;
  • handling and disposing of toxic materials in accordance with company procedures;
  • exposed to a damp and humid environment;
  • occasionally, working in dangerous places with risks of electric shocks; and
  • exposed to high levels of noise. 

While working, you will be expected to promote and effectively utilize company assets. You will have to ensure a safe working area exists everywhere around you. You will need to maintain a clean, damage-free work environment.

Salary and Work Hours

An aircraft sheet metal worker usually works 40 hours a week. You will have to stand for long hours and lift materials that are heavy. This is a physically demanding position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2008, the average salary per hour for an aircraft sheet metal mechanic is $21.

Job Opportunities and Advancement

Keeping track of new technological developments is important for an aircraft sheet metal mechanic. You need to learn how to use computerized layout plans and laser cutting machines. Having knowledge of software related to metal works is very helpful. The job opportunities are pretty good if you have undergone training as an apprentice. Having completed a certification in welding is also an added advantage. More information on job opportunities is available on Certifications in specialized areas related to sheet metal works prove to be very useful.