All about the oil industry

The Oil and Gas industry is not like any other industries you know, it is a complex mechanism that can affect the national security of a country, turn around the geopolitical situations or cause powerful environmental issues. There are no simple aspects when it comes to the oil industry. This is the true core of the economy; it's the mechanism that 'makes the world go round'.

The last few years were characterized by a consolidation and re-organization of the oil industry. Some of the major oil and gas companies that operate worldwide are Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP or Royal Dutch or Shell as we all know it. The larger oil companies have begun to develop a series of actions that increased the economical level of man countries at lower costs, while expanding in whole new areas around the globe.

This is possible because of the Oil and Gas industry is essential for the economical structure of every country, and the products of this industry have become indispensable on a background of ever increasing consume.

The Oil and Gas industry reaches all the other industrial sectors, but its main activities are related to the processes of oil exploration and production, refining the oil and marketing of the crued oil and the derivate products.

  • The advantages of the oil and Gas industry
  • Those are products of the petrochemical sector, which is an important part of the oil industry. Our everyday life is surrounded by the products of the oil industry that improve our lives. Shampoo, the detergents, cosmetics, paint, plastics and many more are just few of the products of the refined oil.

    One might wonder what the alternatives were if the oil reserves would suddenly end.

    The necessity of power is ever increasing, and the amount of electrical products also has an ascendant evolution. More people and more have access to computers, even in the beginning those could be found only in big corporations or people who were passionate by computers. Therefore, the oil industry will survive no matter the changes, because it is a major generator of electricity. Another issue is that pollution is easier to be controlled from the oil stations than from the use of automobiles.

    The demand for oil will be the same in even in few years, when electric cars will be used, incorporating combustion engines that have amazing performances or planes that function without jet engines. This will happen in order to protect the environment from the pollution created by the oil powered machines and heating systems. In fact, the market for oil will still function.

  • The Downside of the Oil and Gas industry
  • Even if there are many protection measures prepared in case of an oil spill in the seas and oceans all over the world, unfortunately, accidents can happen and the results can be devastating. As a consequence, the economical impact will affect the coastal activities and those that exploit the natural resources of the waters. In many of the situations, the damages are temporary, but if no measures are taken, the impact can be irremediable for the specifically marine habitat and local economy.