American Football Media Jobs

I wanted to cover this particular career path as it is a relatively new opportunity in professional sports. It is also an area which has tremendous growth potential with a lot of different opportunities that you can pursue. Being in its infant stage, internet media jobs will have long-range employment and job security potential for the right individual. But what opportunities exist in this field. To answer that, I want to refer you to NFL Team Jobs which is basically a job posting site for careers in the NFL.

Positions available include website graphic designer, internet advertising and marketing consulting, and website management to name a few. But there is an ever growing need for talented individuals that can do this kind of work. One of the job listings I saw was for the Minnesota Vikings site to name an example of a team site, however don’t forget about sports network websites like ESPN, Fox, CNN Sports Illustrated, and so on. Normally, these types of positions fall under the direction of the team’s sales and/or marketing departments, however they are usually given a separate identity in the corporate structure elsewhere.

Obviously, with the advent of the World Wide Web, this has opened up a huge market for a pro sports franchise to gain market awareness and massive name recognition, hence the placing of jobs in this venue under the guise of sales and/or marketing departments. Internet media jobs are one of the fastest growing career fields in professional sports, and the NFL is no exception when you consider that American football is growing in popularity on a global front now. There is a branch of the NFL in Europe, which is a professional league backed by the NFL.

All of this falls under the category of New Media, hence the career potential that exists with these types of jobs. Software and video game design, internet radio and television, advertising, and marketing are fields rich in job opportunities for the individual who has been educated in these areas. And yes, unless you have experience or are currently working for a similar business entity, getting a degree in the likes of graphic design and web site management is necessary if you are just starting out in a career endeavor.

Degrees are available from four year universities offline and online, or you can look into online universities that carry specialty curriculums to meet your needs. Regardless, you will find that with the right education, internet media jobs are very plentiful and will be for many years to come. Just remember that as the internet grows, so do the opportunities within it.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Every one of them has a website, and every one of them list employment opportunities. In addition to this, other professional sports have websites as well. The major sports venue itself, i.e. the NFL, has its own website with a link to employment opportunities. Can you see how this has the snowball effect going for it?

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