You need to check out apprenticeships, so you can see the career path clearly for yourself and find out what's required. It's very easy to inquire about them. Apprenticeship providers will also explain to you in person about their qualifications in detail, and answer your questions.

Talk to people in the industries: Talking to professionals is a very good move to get a handle on how apprenticeships work, and what they deliver for you as a professional. They've been apprentices themselves, and they know the business from top to bottom, literally. It's always worth your while to talk to the professionals in any industry, and apprenticeships are no exception. As you learn more about your apprenticeship, you'll need to ask questions, and the people in the industry have a built in knowledge base.

Be motivated: You need to find the apprenticeship that really works for you. This will be the one where you're sure you've found the job you want, where you know you can do well, and achieve your goals.