Attitude while temping

If you are serious about your temping then it is worthwhile to invest some time to mould your attitude for the success of your temping career. Few success tips on temping attitude:

Clarity of purpose:
Have a clear answer for the question Why are you temping? To pay your bills or to occupy yourself just for a few spare hours per week. If latter is the case, then you certainly do not want to get into a fulltime temping that will consume all the time you have. On the contrary, if you temp to pay your bills then you don't want to turn down assignments that will keep you occupied the whole week and help you pay your bills faster.

Do not be too rigid in terms of your choice of temping assignments by being flexible you will gather lot more experience that you can use as stepping stones for your future career .

Putting constant effort in being a sociable person is essential. Being well connected within your temping company, you will find opportunities unfold before you taking you to enviable heights.

Ensure you always have your up to date resume readily available when opportunity does knock at your door, you will be ready to welcome it. Ever-readiness is not sufficient only in terms of your resume but also in terms of apt responses when you are asked those million dollar questions on your long term goals in life etc.

Optimism and gracefulness:
These two qualities always are rewarding. Optimism served with perseverance and gracefulness under pressure will certainly have their payback value.

Acquiring Expertise:
Skills on papers do not bear any value your real skills should excel or at least match the skill set presented in your resume. Go all the way to gain expertise in required skills.

Humility to clarify:
Never pretend to have understood something that you have really not. Seek clarification whenever necessary and as often as it is needed.

There may be times when you would finish your assignments prior to the estimated time and left with free time during your paid hours. In situations like these be generous to let your employer know that you would be glad to take up additional responsibilities to fill your paid hours. Break the habit of doing just the bare minimum and just what is expected of you. You will certainly get noticed by putting in that generous extra bit.