Auto Broker Career Profile

Auto brokers are a form of car sales commercial specialist, but the sales process is different from normal car sales.

The Work Environment

Auto brokers operate as both car salespeople and agents for car dealers. They provide a service for both their suppliers and their customers. Auto brokers are either licensed brokers or working for a licensed broker. They may operate as used car dealers, or as buyers and sellers to dealers.

The unique aspect of an auto broker's work is that they may also operate as sales agents for other dealers. They can act as brokers between a dealership and a buyer. This is a positive element for the car dealer, who doesn't pay staff commissions on sales, and for the buyer, who has an agent looking for a car rather than scouring the retail market.

An auto broker has another advantage. This work is all between motivated parties, all sales work by definition. Auto brokers can operate in any type of auto market, and the basic transactions, apart from the paper work, are very simple networking contact routines. Auto brokers are usually experienced people in the auto industry with a very good eye for profits.

As sales people, they are also a major asset to their professional networks. They represent extra sales capacity which the auto dealers would otherwise lack. Auto dealers are capable of providing significant extra sales volume in their areas of operation. They can also act as very effective networkers for dealers looking for good commercial propositions.  By definition, the auto broker obtains a lot of information about sales and purchase opportunities outside an auto dealer's usual area of sales.

Wages & Hours

Sales based profits for self employed brokers. Wages may include retainers and commissions for employees acting as auto brokers, depending on employment status and types of business operated by the auto broker.

Hours are irregular and based on business requirements.

The Career Environment

The type of business operation both dictates and creates avenues of career progression for auto brokers. Being very experienced sales people and knowing their markets very well, the services of an auto broker may include very good business relationships with dealers. These relationships can build up into a large, very valuable network doing a lot of business. This very flexible business model is a reliable model for dealing with the downturns and sudden changes in the auto market, too. The auto broker as multiple business options where a conventional auto dealership has only basic business operations.

In business terms, the auto broker is a classic case of "positioning", able to work with multiple markets and forms of sales. This is a very good commercial position. The auto broker's services often have exposure to the entire local or regional market. At higher commercial levels, auto brokers are in the perfect position to do very valuable business on a regular basis.

Career progression is defined by the business levels and profits. Established auto brokerages doing a lot of business are the equivalent of highly successful auto dealerships. Auto brokers are truly independent business people, able to work across the entire auto market.