Babysitting in New Years Eve or Christmas Eve

One of the simplest ways to pick up extra cash for the holidays is babysitting. This is especially true for younger people or college students on their winter break. This work is an excellent way to help parents who have toddlers and have all the usual holiday tasks to complete, and make some nice change doing it.

How to Land the Jobs

While there are many ways to advertise for babysitting jobs during the holiday season, the most useful guidance will be to start your advertising early. It will take time to conduct interviews and arrange times and dates. If you are unsure as to some of the better places to find work try these tips:

  • Laundromats
  • Food markets
  • Family or neighbors
  • Churches
  • Newspaper ads


When looking for babysitting jobs during holidays, remember that most parents will want to sit and interview you first. There are many issues which must be addressed during this meeting.

  • Trust - the parents must trust you to care for their children
  • Reliability - you must show you are reliable and will do the job properly to their rules
  • Likeability - if either the parents or the children don't like you, there is a problem
  • Comfort - the situation must feel comfortable to everyone

Along with this you should want to know certain things about the parents before taking the job.

  • Emergency information - places, phone numbers, and when to expect their return
  • Information about the children - issues or concerns must be known
  • General information about the house - know the location of bathrooms, medication, phones, locks and emergency information among other things

What to Charge

The easiest method is to use a flat rate depending on certain factors.

  • Length of time - this can be for a few hours up to 24 hours
  • Number of children - how many children will you be looking after
  • Ages of the children - caring for a toddler is much different than an 8 year old
  • Responsibilities - what will you be expected to do
  • Your experience with childcare - how much experience have you had with certain age groups

All of these factors will play a part in what you charge for babysitting services over the holidays. The basic rate for this type of work is around per hour.

While it may be easier to land a babysitting job around the holidays, remember the importance of the work. You are in charge for the safety of another persons children. Be sure to know such things as

  • Infant and child CPR
  • Stress management techniques
  • Proper discipline methods

And above all, be sure to have a safe ride home. Do not rely on the parents who may have been out to a party, and will be either too tired or intoxicated to do this.