Background information on working in a Casino

Gambling halls are spread throughout the world and offer thousands of people the opportunity to find casino jobs. Gambling has a long and often crime-ridden history. It is fairly regulated today and many governments gain large revenues from it though it was outlawed in the beginning of the 20th century.

Historical Overview of Gaming
Gambling dates back to 2300 B.C. It formed part of the Chinese culture and later the Roman culture, where even children were encouraged to gamble. The cards as we know it today, was invented in the 1300's by the French and in 1440 the first full set of cards was printed in Germny. The French loved the Egyptian roulette and blackjack while the English introduced a game that would later develop into the modern day craps. Poker developed from gambling games that were played by the English folk, Italians and even the Persians.

Gambling spread to America
The Europeans brought their love for gaming to the America's in the form of cockfights, horse races and games of chance. The governments instituted lottery as a means of enlarging the state treasure and funded many projects with the income. Not long after, gaming houses mushroomed all over. The British government realized that gambling would generate huge amounts when taxed and introduced the Stamp Act of 1765. This together with duties on tea, led to a revolt.

Golden Age
Gambling spread and became even more popular after the American Revolution. Tournaments were played in houseboats on the Mississippi river, and even the Ohio River. These boats provided gaming in style. Gaming rooms grew in New York where rich men played and it spread to gambling places in Chicago. The gaming halls became large well-organized businesses. Poker became the game of cowboys while the more affluent played roulette or gambled on horses, and the poorest of all, tried their luck with three-card games.

Con Artists and Swindlers
The once respectable gambling industry of the 19th century changed face gradually through the behavior of swindlers and sharks that lived off innocent people. Their numbers grew with the industry, especially in cities such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The state lotteries became reputed for politicians pocketing the money, while hundreds of scams by swindlers left a foul taste in the mouth of decent folk.

Gunslingers appeared on the scene and many a man lost his life due to arguments about gambling. By the early 20th century the perception about gambling changed and people believed it to be evil and riddled with scams. The politicians succeeded in outlawing any form of gambling in the eastern parts of America by the end of 1915.

The western parts had to obey the laws when they became part of the Union. This did not deter loyal gamblers who just went underground with their games. The introduction of laws against alcohol consumption in 1920, led to a full grown organized gambling and alcohol syndicate that would be known as the mob. Many mob fights followed until 1933, when the ban on alcohol use was finally lifted. Gambling would not be legalized except in the state of Nevada where many persons earned a living through casino jobs.

Gambling in Nevada

The state of Nevada legalized gambling activities due to the economic suffering in the 1930's in order to generate income. Reno became the most prominent gambling estate with its large gaming halls that offered many casino jobs. Not long after 1947, another town would become famous for its gambling halls. Las Vegas, situated in the desert would become the capital of gambling.

Gambling in Las Vegas
The town grew rapidly after World War II, but so did organized crime syndicates that profited from money laundering and shake down activities. The rest of America kept their stance against gambling. The Strip was formed in Las Vegas where famous hotels and clubs would be located. The continues crime gave the town a bad reputation, but even that could not stop the town of becoming the most profitable gaming area in the world where thousands of people flock to find casino jobs and gambling opportunities.