Basic college courses for ex-offenders

One of the biggest issues ex-offenders must deal with is a lack of education. Most often their background or situation results in limited opportunities for education. Job related college courses for ex-offenders are available if you make the effort to seek them out.

Community College

These two year institutions will offer you a variety of job related college courses. For ex-offenders looking for something outside of manual labor or factory work, taking courses in any one of the following could land a better job or pay:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Computers
  • Graphic Arts
  • Paralegal
  • Lab Tech
  • Accounting
  • HVAC or Electronics

Night Classes

Job related college courses for ex-offenders are also offered by major colleges and universities within your community or nearby. The problem concerning attendance becomes an issue if you need to be employed to support yourself meantime. This situation is remedied by taking Adult Education classes at night. Night classes offer the same type of instruction as regular college classes which is especially important if you require a controlled setting for learning. Job related night college courses for ex-offenders will take longer to complete than the usual daytime classes because you are attending on a part-time basis. Although these classes are scheduled more for working people, there are times when you are too tired from working to attend a structured setting. This is why Distance Learning can be a viable alternative.

Distance Learning

This type of job related college course is useful for ex-offenders in that you can pace yourself and take classes any time from any place. Many students who enroll in distance learning courses full time complete them relatively quickly. The main issue with this type of job related college course for ex-offenders will be taking responsibility for their own education. This requires the following steps for success:

  • Be sure to participate adequately
  • Putting off the course work can become an issue
  • Maintaining a set schedule for yourself to learn
  • Find someone to work with while you are taking the course to avoid isolation

The problem of educating yourself to obtain more rewarding work is an issue of setting goals and having the willingness to work towards those goals. Job related college courses for ex-offenders are available in a variety of forms. For the ex-offender the main hurdle is perseverance and a positive forward-looking attitude.