Beating fears when you are self employed

Your dream has come true. You are on your way to become a full fletched business owner with the independency that goes with it and everything seems wonderful. Not too long and feelings of frustration, fear and doubt start to fill your heart and mind. You may wonder why you ever decided to become self-employed.

Things are not so rosy anymore. The reality of securing finance, getting the right location, building contacts, paying the bills, procuring orders, filing for tax, deciding on the best insurance, dealing with difficult clients and employees, handling come-backs and rejection, breaking into the market and more, place a damper on your enthusiasm.

It is not so new anymore and the success isn't coming as fast as you anticipated. It takes a lot more work and determination to succeed in the self employed world than most of us realize. Then the question arises: 'Did I make a mistake?'

So how do you stay motivated when you are past the initial excitement? Apart from finding relevant information for expanding your business, building contacts and learning how to streamline the running of your business, keeping to your business plan, you need to recognize the biggest threat to your self-employment, namely, negative feelings and fears.

The biggest culprit is the fear of failure. You have stepped out of your comfort zone and have dared to start something new, but when things don't go so smooth the fear of failure creeps in. It can be paralyzing because you will fear rejection and not make that call or fear that you will not get the deal and then don't pursue it at all. You will fear that you will not have enough money and will justify not being able to get new clients because you don't have the money. Recognize it as a thief. You have already made the most important step of becoming self employed. Know that you have already succeeded. Take every bit of success and build upon it. Kick fear of failure out by going for that deal, making that call, designing that website, and speaking in front of others.

Another thief is the fear of isolation. You feel as if you have no support and that life is passing you by. This is quite natural since entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on their own. How do you combat this fear? Arrange at least one to three social calls to friends or invite them over at least once a week. Join a network or business association where you can share ideas and build beneficial contacts.

Frustration with circumstances may cause you to rethink your decision of becoming self employed. One way of dealing with this is to face the challenges head on and not to back off. Stay motivated and overcome frustrations by planning your day and through proper time management.

These feelings, fears and doubts are real and will constantly haunt you if let them. Recognize their existence and realize that even though you may doubt or have fears, it doesn't mean that you have made the wrong decision.

Proceed and face every challenge then the fears will disappear. When you doubt your abilities, say it aloud: 'I am successful, I can do this and I am good enough.'

As a final note, make changes where necessary. If your product doesn't sell, change your marketing strategy. Focus on the benefits and excellent features of your product or service. Believe in it and others will too. Don't try to think what people want, rather think how they will benefit from your product or service. Don't stagnate expand your business.

Know that hundreds of entrepreneurs go through the same emotions; get some self-employed friends to talk to. You and your friends will be able to exchange ideas and encourage each other.