Beautician Job Facts

This article will teach you many beautician job facts and nuggets for future success. Beauticians are in high demand no matter the economic time table. Everybody on earth wants to look good and present themselves well. Becoming the best beautician in town will require, patience persistence and a desire to out-perform competition. Remember, in order to become a Beautician, you must obtain a license from one of your states accredited schools. If you are interested in joining this field of work, you will find some basic information and secrets that will help you substantially along the pathway to success.

What Do Beauticians Do?

A Beautician is your go to person for all hair needs including but not limited to scalp conditioning, hair removal and the shaping up or trimming of hair. A true Beautician however, is not limited to hair care. Don't be surprised when you come across the Beautician who not only does your hair, but also trims your nails and handles your make up and waxing. These Beauticians who provide more services in one sitting are not only the most sought after, but highest paid as well! An uncommon Beautician will tell you without shame what needs to be done in their "honest opinion". Most people do not question a trusted Beautician's opinion because he/she understands current trends as well as what style best compliments your unique physical make up.

Salary, Wages and Work Schedule

The average beautician earns $23,000 before tips. As with any job, excellence is a must in order to receive return customers. Little things always go a long way. For example, one Beautician may simply cut and blow dry your hair, while another will cut and blow dry your hair, use an expensive hair vacuum to get rid of all excess loose hair particles, give you a facial, polish your nails and do your make up. This type of specialist can easily make $35,000 before tips because they have created much more value than the average Beautician. Remember, the customer always remembers the little things when it comes time to tip. Something as small as holding a conversation and remembering what you discussed when you last saw them is pivotal to success. Don't be surprised to find a Beautician who works a nine hour day. Hours of work usually have to do with the day of the week. Weekends, of course, are the "hot days" to work because of countless walk-ins. Weekdays are usually the days Beauticians try to schedule appointments.

Did You Know? (Secret Key to Success)

Few up and coming beauticians realize this secret success key. Beauticians thrive on cruise ships! High profile people simply can't do without them. You can therefore charge more than usual since competitors are far away from the sea. Know for sure that if you are single and willing to live on a ship for a season, your salary will be far greater as a cruise line Beautician. Many people who own their own shops on land were wise enough to make their start-up money on cruise ships!