Beautician jobs on Cruise Ships

No luxury ship is complete without the beauty and fitness salons. This is one aspect that the high-end customer simply cannot do without. Accordingly all the ships that run luxury cruises compete with each other in offering the best there is in terms of state-of-the art equipment, and experienced and highly qualified staff. Even the smaller ships are taking note of the fitness and beauty requirements and are nowadays staffing for the rising demand.

The fitness and beauty salons are staffed with people hired through concessionaires. The salaries are good, better than anything you would find on land; the overall take home package will greatly depends upon the qualifications and experience of the person employed.

The different positions available in this section are briefly described below:

  • Beauty Salon Manager this job entails that the incumbent be able to manage on his/her own the whole unit. This will include planning and coordination of the salons operations, keeping accounts, and overall management of both human resources and infrastructure. The pay is very good varying slightly from ship to ship. The minimum for this position is US , which can go up to about per month. Keep in mind that you are also entitled to free meals and accommodation on the ship.
  • Assistant Beauty Salon Manager the incumbent will need to be qualified in this field plus he/she should have experience of at least 2-3 years to be eligible. The person would the second in command and be able to assist effectively the Manager. The pay per month will be in the range of US and 3000 depending on the type of the vessel. Within a few years the person will be eligible for promotion to Managers position.
  • Beautician In order to apply for this position you will need to posses any of the following CIBTAC, BTEC, CIDESCO, IHBC, NVQS, CITY & GUILDS, IA or any international equivalent if your are from Europe or other parts.
  • Hair Stylist/ Hairdresser For applying for this post you will need to have completed a training course in a certified college and/or have at least a three year apprenticeship in a high end salon. You will also have to be well versed in hair styling for females and males. Among other pre-requisites are, fluency in English, have the ability to cope with demanding high-end customers, and be able to work long hours with patience and friendly attitude. The salary for this job comes between US2200 and 3000. There is scope for tips; it is possible to get promoted from this post to that of Assistant Salon Manager if you cultivate the right skills and have the correct attitude.
  • Message Therapist In order to even be considered for this position you will need to have at least 3-5 years experience in a reputed, high-end massage parlor. Most of the cruise liner would require you to be a qualified Swedish Masseur. The better liners will look out for additional qualifications such as Shiastu, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing, and so on. It is important that you are fluent in English. An additional international language would be highly advantageous. The salary varies between US and US depending on the type of ship.
  • Cosmetologist The applicant will have to be highly experienced and a good command on English. The salary for this type of job will vary between US and US.
  • Aerobic & Fitness Instructor The applicant for this position should be qualified in aerobics; must possess a certificate such as NABBA, BAWLA or its international equivalent. The minimum teaching experience requirement is three months. The successful candidate would be required to conduct a great deal of aerobic classes, offer personal training to whomever requests for it, and supervise the gymnasium in general. The salary for this position is anything between US and 2200.
  • Alternative instructor there is a high demand for alternatives such as Tai Chi and Yoga. Needless to say that to qualify for these positions you will need to show certificate of completion of training; the minimum experience required in six months in a reputed high-end organization. The salary for this post is the same as the Aerobic & Fitness Instructor.