Behavioral Science Jobs: 5 Careers to Consider

There are many different types of behavioral science jobs that you could consider for a career. If you want to get into the field of behavioral science, here are a few potential types of jobs that you might want to consider.

1. Criminologist

One type of job in the behavioral science industry is that of a criminologist. A criminologist attempts to analyze patterns and reasons behind crime. Many criminologists work as teachers or researchers for universities. They will examine statistics and individual crimes in order to try and gain some insight to them. They try to anticipate certain types of crime and implement prevention strategies. Most criminologists have a Masters degree or doctorate in behavioral science, criminal science, or statistics.

2. Anthropologist

Anthropologists study large groups of people and the impacts that outside influences have on them. They try to develop theories about how geography affects these groups as well as many other factors. They look at many societal factors such as crime rates, poverty, and cultural influences. Anthropologists typically work for government organizations or educational institutions. Many nonprofit organizations also employ anthropologists. In order to get into this field, you will need the appropriate degree in anthropology or behavioral science.

3. Social Worker

Another popular career in the behavioral science industry is the social worker. Social workers work directly with the public on a number of different individual cases. They deal with things like child abuse, domestic abuse, and negligence. Social workers will work to try and improve the living situations of families and children. Many behavioral scientists choose a career as a social worker in order to help individuals understand the reasons behind their choices. By studying statistical data, social workers can help clients avoid certain situations and habits.

4. Corporate Consultant

Those in the behavioral science field are also highly sought after in the corporate world. Larger corporations are continually trying to seek out ways to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. By utilizing a behavioral scientist, corporations can more effectively work with their employees and develop strategies to improve their business. This could be in the role of a corporate coach or advisor to executives. You could fill any number of roles when working for a corporation as a behavioral scientist. Typically, in order to become a consultant, you will have to have a large amount of education, as well as a good reputation in the industry. Most people that fill these roles have master's degrees or doctorates in behavioral science.

5. Economic Analyst

The role of economic analyst is very important in the business world today. An economic analyst evaluates statistical data and observes the economy as a whole. They use this information to formulate opinions based on the economy. An economic analyst does their best job to predict where the market is headed as well as provide valuable advice to businesses. In order to obtain a job as an economic analyst, you will need a background in behavioral science as well as economics.