Are You Being a Fussy Job Seeker?

Are you Being a Fussy Job Seeker?

The Great Recession has revived a theory that younger job seekers are "fussy" when looking for work. Could've fooled us at CV Tips. We see so many younger job seekers trying desperately to find anything they can, that it's a real stretch of the imagination to call them fussy, or anything like it.

This theory assumes that you can load up your CV for years with a lot of irrelevant jobs that have no relationship to your qualifications, and later sail off and get your dream job. Then all you have to do is compete with highly qualified people with lots of current experience. How hard could it be?

It could be impossible, or at least extremely difficult. Getting a career back on track after a derailment is tough enough, let alone getting one started after a few years detouring through minimum wage country. Maybe this theory had some sort of practical application in the Stone Age, or for unemployed dinosaurs, but not now.

This is the toughest job market in history. Add the massive numbers applying for every job and it's much tougher. No job seeker can afford to take their eyes off the road. Being 'fussy' has a lot going for it, because it can help avoid making serious career mistakes. There is absolutely nothing to be said in favor of expecting younger people to put their lives on hold for years, and not use their expensive, valuable skills to their best advantage.

Too fussy?

The definition of being too fussy boils down to quibbling over details when it's a job you could reasonably hope to get. It doesn't mean having reservations about jobs you wouldn't normally touch. Some jobs involve getting too far off career tracks. The Babes in the Woods tried that, and it didn't work out very well.

Being selectively fussy and making career moves as well

If you're a biologist, you may not be overcome with enthusiasm looking at a job that involves herding burgers and fries. Fair enough, but you might also be missing something. All of these low end jobs have upscale jobs related to them, jobs where you might be able to do some career work if you go looking for it.

The opportunities aren't obvious, but they're there if you think about them. With burgers and fries, you might be wasting your time. But not in food technology, administration or management parts of the fast food business, where a six figure career is quite possible and puts your skills to work in a meaningful way. The burger and fries might just lead you to the sort of work you want. You could be working for a major corporation, too, which is very useful in the career moves area.

By looking at a couple of rocks, you may be able to figure out how to make fire. Be fussy, but also be thoughtful. A particular job might not appeal, but the upscale jobs in that area can be cold canvassed and investigated. Don't be superficial when looking at any job. Look at the industries, the employers and the career prospects.