Being realistic when looking for seasonal work

With the holiday season coming many people will be looking for work. Extra holiday jobs will mean extra income for these people. But when looking for seasonal work over the holidays it is important that you be realistic in your goals and expectations.

Your Goals

When you are looking for holiday work, you should have some goals in mind about a few things beforehand:

  • The basic amount of money you want to get
  • The type of work you will be looking for
  • When and where you will start looking

These goals need to be addressed before you search so that your efforts are efficient and effective. Here are a few tips to help set your goals:

  • Most seasonal jobs will pay minimum wages; expecting more than this is ill advised
  • Know your skills and what you can accomplish; this will help you find suitable work
  • Start looking at least one month before the season begins; most jobs are filled within the first two weeks ahead of holiday shopping to ensure training and readiness
  • Have preparations such as child care, transportation and time considerations planned out before searching
  • Most larger companies take applications online today, while smaller firms still use paper forms
  • Be ready with needed information such as employment history, residency requirements, medical and emergency contact information and background check.

It's Still a Job

The main consideration when looking for work during the holidays is that a seasonal job is still a job. With this in mind employers will ask that you follow the same rules for regular employees.

  • Be on time
  • Don't use employee discounts or bonus's to excess
  • Do the job properly
  • Don't take time off
  • Learn the job

The Timeframe

One thing that many people forget when looking for work over the holiday seasons is that seasonal jobs have a set beginning and ending, depending on the type of work.

  • Postal jobs - most postal jobs are for a short duration of under 30 days
  • Retail jobs - most retail jobs, especially during Christmas will end almost immediately after the holiday has passed
  • Warehouse jobs - like retail jobs, most temporary warehouse jobs will end once the need has been fulfilled
  • Package delivery - while the amount of days for this type of temp work may be greater, so will the hours; most UPS and other parcel services require drivers to remain on the road until all deliveries are completed.

Another consideration dealing with time is the hours of the shift. While most regular jobs may follow a set shift, seasonal workers are fill-in positions and may find their schedules changing as needed.

If you treat your search for holiday employment as you would regular employment, looking for suitable work will be much more rewarding when you find the work you want.