Best schools to go to become a lawyer

There are several hundreds of schools to select from if you want to become a lawyer. It also depends on the country where you reside. As such we will look at how to choose a place of study and in particular where to find good law schools.

How to select the place to study

You need to consider your finances, areas of interest, location, traveling costs, aspirations and academic marks. Once you have identified the above, you are ready to browse for universities and law schools to fit the above.

To select the best law school in your country, contact the Law governing body in your country and also make use of Google to find law schools for the particular country. Always select an accredited institute, but do keep costs of studies in mind as well as location.

Another way to locate the top schools is to look at the rankings for schools. Here are some useful links:

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In California for instance, you have the choice of four types of law schools according to the institution that approves them:

  • Approved by American Bar Association
  • Bar Examiners
  • Registered correspondence establishments
  • Unaccredited institutions

Most USA states will not allow admission to the practicing of Law without approval from the American Bar Association. If you are to practice Law in the USA, you will need to pass the bar exam and if you have studied at a correspondence or unaccredited institution, you will need to pass at least the First Year Level Exam to qualify.

To find good law schools in the USA, you can do a search for accredited law schools at Google. Compare their admission requirements, fees, duration of the course and extremely important approval by the American Bar Association. You can also visit the American Bar Association (ABA) site for a list of approved institutions.

To get admission to one of the law schools you will need to pass the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and attain a good score. This is a test to assess the student's aptitude for law studies. Since there are literally hundreds of law schools in the USA, the best place to look to see whether a school is accredited and approved is to visit site.

Admission tests LSAT

The admission tests are offered in February; June-July; October; and December. Write in the summer before you start at the Law school.

UK and Whales

Universities that are accredited by the Law Society of England and Whales are the best places to study for easy access to the law system. With more than 29 law schools in the UK that offer the Legal Practice Law Qualification Course. This is the course followed if you want to become a solicitor.

To assess which schools comply with the regulations of the Law Society and are esteemed you can visit the Law Society page and also visit each of the school websites. Some of the schools definitely worth a mention include:

  • Oxford Institute of Legal Practice
  • University of Westminster
  • Staffordshire University
  • Lancashire Law School
  • Cambridge University
  • Strathlyde University Law School

Courses start at around 9000 UK Pounds.


There are no substandard law schools in Australia and students normally base their decisions on factors such as location, friends, costs and knowing people who have already studied there. The best way to determine if the law school provides the subjects that interest you is to look at their brochures.

Some of the schools you may want to get in contact with include:

  • University of Canberra
  • University of New England
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Western Australia.

There are more than 28 law schools in Australia which all offer legal courses. To become a lawyer graduates must be able to show that they have studied at least 11 areas of legal studies. Ensure that when you select a law school that it offers a wide range of courses to be able to qualify in the specific territory.

The best schools to become a lawyer vary greatly from country to country and you choice should be based on the accreditation of the institute.