Blue Collar Temporary Workers

If you want to temp and if you are a beginner, then you might like to consider Blue-Collar temping. One of the advantages of considering Blue-Collar temping is that the opportunities here seem to increase at exponential rates when compared to white-collared jobs. It has been estimated by Buereau of Labor Statistics that temporary job openings in 2006 in manufacturing and warehousing fields alone will be approximately1.2 million as opposed to the 655,000 jobs found in 1996. These figures should help you see the employment potential of Blue-Collar temping.

Blue-Collar temping is an optimistic zone for the beginners as you can secure a job much easily as long as you can prove to the employer that you are reliable, regular, organized, efficient and dependable candidate for the job.

Though the openings for Blue-Collar jobs are on the rising scale, though it is relatively easy to secure a Blue-Collar job, you cannot take things for granted; you still have the responsibility of making yourself a suitable candidate. Let us discuss the core aspects of making oneself suitable for Blue-Collar temping.

Identify potential Blue-Collar zones:
An important aspect you need to concentrate when you are seeking your Blue-Collar job is to know where you have to look for, to know potential mines for Blue-Collar jobs. Some of the potential fields where you can expect tremendous amount of job openings are pharmaceutical and medical field, rubber factories and machinery manufacturing. This will in turn give rise to a large number of openings for material handlers, receiving clerks, packers and forklift drivers.

Be Prepared:
Never take Blue-Collar jobs for granted. It is the shinier stone that gets picked up ' remember that there are other suitable candidates who are waiting to outsmart you in the race. So go prepared, take all necessary steps to project yourself as a knowledgeable person in the field.

Present yourself well: One has to present oneself well at two levels.
  • a. Presenting yourself well through an appropriate resume that highlights your experience and skills in the expected area and your qualifications that compliment the Blue-Collar job that you are applying.
  • b. Presenting yourself well in terms of appropriate personal appearance. Never go shabby or dress informally just because you have applied for Blue-Collar job. Professionalism is always appreciated everywhere ' so appear professional including the dress code.

Educational qualification:
Even if you don't have your Bachelor's Degree make sure that when you go on your job hunt you have at least basic educational qualification such as high school diploma or GED.

Increase the probability:
It is up to you to increase your own chances of getting hired. You can keep yourself busy by using more than one recruitment agency.

Be flexible:
Be flexible with yourself in terms of job period. Accept short term assignments, may be even as short as a day's assignments. This way you will be able to get yourself hired almost 365 days of the year. It is rather easier to get hired for daylong assignments as you don't have to undergo qualifying tests.