Bond Originator

The occupation is also known as mortgage financing assistant. The bond originator works in close relation with financial institutions, lawyers, estate agents and buyers. The work entails assistance with regards to financing for the purposes of upgrading properties, and buying new properties and businesses. The work includes the coordination of the financing process, assisting buyers in the completion of finance applications and negotiating terms of lending with the banks. Work hours are from 9 to 5 during the week, and include limited traveling.

You need a financial, legal or real estate background and registration with the financial institutions. Apart from this you also need:

  • - To be well organized
  • - Have good mathematical and accounting skills
  • - Be familiar with lending rates, laws and regulations
  • - Have an extensive knowledge of the real estate market and regulations
  • - Know property value
  • - Have excellent negotiation, communication and presentation skills
  • - Be able to work with people form all types of backgrounds

If you are a qualified estate agent or business broker, or have a degree in economics you qualify for bond originating.

Most bond originators are employed at mortgage financing companies, but you can also start your own business. The bond originator must sell his or her services to financial institutions and estate agents.