Building Contractor Career Information

Becoming a building contractor can provide you with a dynamic and rewarding career for the future. There is always a demand for people that can successfully oversee building projects. Here are the basics of being a building contractor and how to become one.

Becoming a Building Contractor

There is no specific path that one must take in order to become a building contractor. However, the best building contractors will typically attend school in a number of different fields before getting started. A building contractor might pursue a degree in construction science, construction management, civil engineering, or architecture. It will also help if you take classes in business administration as well.

In addition to pursuing an education, you will also have to be licensed in your particular area. Each geographic area will have their own requirements as far as becoming a licensed building contractor. However, typically you will have to pass an exam in order to get your license.

Basic Tasks

A building contractor has to be a "jack of all trades" in most cases. The first part of a building contractor job is to develop and submit bids for jobs. This will require great attention to detail so that you can get the job profitably. Once a job is awarded, the building contractor will oversee the entire building process. They will work with architects in order to come up with the plans for a project. They will then put the plans in motion and hire the necessary personnel for the job. A building contractor has to be good at dealing with people because they will work hand-in-hand with other contractors in various fields. For example, one day they will be working directly with a team of roofing contractors. The next day they will have to oversee the installation of a tile floor. This requires a lot of knowledge in the building industry.

Work Schedule

When a job is underway, most building contractors will try to stick to a schedule. Most of the construction will go on during the week and in daylight hours. However, many times you will have to adjust your work schedule to meet the demands of your clients. Most building projects will have a deadline that must be met. Therefore, if you want to be successful in the industry, you will work as much as it takes to meet every deadline.


Salaries of building contractors can fluctuate greatly depending on what market they are working in. However, the average building contractor will make approximately $70,000 per year. On the upper end, they can make as much as $200,000 a year. Therefore, for a good building contractor, there is ample opportunity to earn more money.

Opportunities for Advancement

Many building contractors own their own companies and therefore, cannot advance any further. However, if you work as a building contractor for a large company, there are opportunities for advancement. If you do a good job, you could find yourself in upper management in the company.